Looking to raise a 3* archer

All Sabers will fall before the Yeet Bow.

Seriously though, it’s so fun to manage such insane numbers with an Arts NP on a 3* Archer.


Q: How many 3* archers should I raise?
A: Yes


Considering their only real support servants are Mash and Hans I would guess that a Euryale, Hans, support Tamamo/Waver/Merlin team is going to outperform any team with a borrowed Orion. Granted, I still think Euryale has lost a lot of stock considering how hard DW has nerfed charmlock strats. My vote still goes to David especially considering they haven’t done Shimousa. He is just so invaluable when for the boss fights where you don’t have access to friend supports.

Maybe, but ONLY in an anti-Male situation, as again Orion is still superior in general purpose regardless. Plus, Mash and Hans being heavily Arts could again help with Orion’s NP gain. I don’t think it’s a handy win for Euryale/borrowed Support, but it’s possible.

Honestly, if I had had mine maxed, Shimousa probably would have gone smoother indeed. He’s so apt for many of the fights it’s insane.

Archer is a class with no outright bad servants
It’s a meme at this point but it’s honestly really close to the truth

As to who you should level recommendations in order are
Euryale -> David -> Robin -> Billy

Euryale absolutely dominates male enemies and is downright busted in those fights but not that useful outside of them
David is a support king and helps you just ignore damage and mechanics in fights as well as pumping out some decent damage
Robin is a tactical nuke enemy who works really well in arts teams where he’s able to spam his hard hitting np
Billy is a crit god who can pump out some absurdly high damage with his crits and np and but suffers a bit if he doesn’t have correct support

You should always be getting your 3 stars to np5 before burning them

Orion isn’t all that common to be honest. It is easier to just borrow tamamo or waver and use Euryale than borrow Orion. Orion also have the issue that his anti-male is skill based. This means even disregarding his terrible NP gain he can only fire off anti male mules as often as his skill cooldown. In the situation where you need to fire off multiple NP as quickly as possible, Euryale wins. There’s the stage in 2.1 where you fight mutated Asterios, Euryale easily decimates him, both gameplay and story wise.

She’s pretty common for me. I haven’t hurt for access to one. Being non-limited generally has that effect. Availability is pretty relative outside of a servant’s inherent limited status.

It’s not really an issue, because now the anti-male effect also applies to cards, and the five turn cooldown is not a problem. Critical hits with the skill active can be and often are fairly nasty.

Orion’s Evade will allow also generally him to survive and NP if necessary which then enables chances for another proc of the skill. The fact it also decreases charge further prolongs the fight/ensures safety for your team or Orion himself.

Euryale’s NP gain is good, sure, but it’s not the best in the game, nor is it even that spectacular when her third skill is down as well. She also gets no refund on her NP unlike Orion.

I’m not really interested in arguing with loyalists any further. If you prefer to use Euryale, that’s your choice and I’m glad she works for you. You’re not going to convince me that a 3* nothing-but-my-NP unit is better than the more well rounded 5*.

The bottom line is that Euryale is not necessary and should not be prioritized over David in terms of the OP who needs an Archer for general purposes, namely because Orion exists and in my view is better. Even if they want to go for a Merlin/Waver support instead, David or Robin will do more than enough to make quick work of rough Saber mobs. Euryale only succeeds when the mob is explicitly male and tickles anyone else.

I honestly think too many people have their rose-tinted glasses on reminiscing back to the days of Camelot when they didn’t have a better roster and used her for her niche. Those days are past now. It’s okay to move on.

The thing about low stars is that if they are general purposed, they are easily replaced by high star counterparts who will easily beat them in terms of base damage. And I do not really consider David general purposes either, saying his NP damage is good is sugar coating things. His NP damage is not good, it is only passable at best, and his face card is pretty poor too, although all other 3* archers also have this issue. David strongest point is his 2nd skill, a party wide evade is something only Merlin and Tristan can provide otherwise, and anyone that who needs Merlin to be put out of question is no slouch. Robin Hood is the most general purpose I would say because if you are using 3 stars, you are pretty much playing the “base damage are just nice to have, NP is my main damage” style, which is what Robin Hood is good at.

I’m sure Euryale would have been nice to have in Camelot, but I was too new to the game and didn’t appreciate her niche. I also diverted resources to my SSRs as soon as I started getting them and completely ignored my lower rarity servants aside from Hans and Arash for a while.

That being said, I made it through Camelot fine, and while I did whale a bit, I lacked upgraded skills and ascended Servants, so I was extremely dependent on friend support, much like almost all players going through the story, I imagine.

I don’t see the conflict in this thread. Euryale has a strong anti-male niche and is super effective there, especially for her party cost. Orion is obviously a superior overall Servant since he has more value than Euryale ouside of their shared niche. If one doesn’t have access to Orion or can’t depend on it, Euryale is the default anti-male Archer. If one has both, I’d advise raising Orion since he’s far more versatile for many reasons, not the least of which being the stats that come with his rarity.

David is just so flexible. I fully intend to finally level mine up with the upcoming lottery, because I would have liked to have had him as an option during the Shimousa story.

Edit: Realized I was a tad too harsh on poor Euryale. 3-stars deserve love, too.

Groans in skill mats
If I ever get him, he’s definitely getting trained up on principle, but man. Not even comparing to Euryale, those mats are kind of a PITA IMO. Hearts nowadays are nbd, snek jewels aren’t terribly frustrating to come across (if anything they’re overly common…), but feathers are frequently desired and only rare as like, 5-10 (s/o to Mash for only wanting 15 total), dust hell is never-ending. Reminds me of how I really want to 6/9/9 Arjuna but the man wants proofs and feathers. It’s gonna frigging happen, but not as soon as I’d like.

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I was casual about hearts until I suddenly wanted them all right now for Amakusa’s skills. Ugh.

I’ve been in feather hell since I got Waver and what seems like a ton of others who are fond of them. I feel that pain.

Now that you’ve reminded me what it takes to upgrade Orion, I’ve changed my mind: let him and his trophy wife rot. That’s an unacceptable type and quantity of mats for a Servant that isn’t completely amazing, anyway.

I do stand by thinking they’re nbd (and if, comparing, someone can do so for Eury they def can for Orion). Dust though, man. Why. Like the two are worth it IMO given the output but it’s not a pretty sight. Heck, while we’re at it, ditto David. Man’s worth at minimum 6/6/6 for character and play but mine won’t be 10/10/10 as soon as I’d like either.

Good luck on Amakusa though, lol. Mine’s 6/9/8, will be some time before 9/10/9.

Learned a new word. Thanks for that!

Thanks. 7/7/10 here (I’m using him as farm wave clear and also for some quests with MLB BG so that I can rationalize having thrown a bucket of SQ at his NP, thus the 10 on skill 3 first), but I hadn’t realized I was low on hearts. My own fault for not realizing how many I would need when I had the chance to clear event stores earlier in the year, and I probably wasted a bunch of hearts on Servants I never use. Normally they’d be nbd, I agree; I’m just impatient and want him “finished” right now lol.

At least there’s a pretty reliable location for farming proof of heroes at the Pirate Ship. My David is currently 5/6/10 at the moment, would be higher but there are other major archer skills to level. Suppose I could’ve leveled the evade first, but more consistent damage is nice too. I’ll max him in time, might even grail him to 80.

Yeah, they’re not difficult, unlike some other mats. Just a real pain by volume.

As a new player, David was invaluable in getting through quests. But with a develped roster he only comes out on occasion (selecting a friend merlin is just too easy for team defense) since I have much better st archer damage options.

Also as a new player, I didn’t understand trait damage and didn’t use robin much and flat out ignored euryale. I have since mended my ways. Euryale’s now 9/9/9 and I love pulling her out for charmlock shenanigans and I’m looking forward to the robin/casgil combo to guarantee poison on salter for extreme nuking shenanigans this Christmas.

As an experienced player, I value euryale and Robin more than David because I’m much less reliant on harp of healing and am much more interested in filling every niche no matter how small (because what else will I do with lottery embers?)