Looks like i'm gonna be ascending to heaven this season

Not sure what i did differently but hey, i’m not complaining. First time entering the Vault of Heaven, wonder what that’ll be like. (Also before you ask, yes lift loss control is active. I’m locked in.)


Like non VoH, but worse.

I bounce in and out of VoH, and I maybe could stay if I tried really hard, but I would have to like AR a lot more for that to happen.

You do run into a lot of meta teams, but occasionally you do find a well made defense that catches you off your guard and that you might not even feel bad losing to.


I got to T21 again this season :feh_legion_miso:

It’s an endless cycle


I dropped to 20 months ago from vault/21

Sometimes I want to muster the energy to play, but then I just go to my friends list, realize I don’t care, and open up porn or something

But ya know, don’t let that dampen, AR should be played at leisure. Im always happy to see someone enjoying the game.

My first time in 21 years ago was an accident to. :feh_stoopidkempf:

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From my understanding it’s a lot more difficult than lower AR, ofc, but really, there are some real nasty maps that you’d never find in the lower tiers. Bright side is that even if you do your absolute worst you’re still scoring/ranking higher than you would out of VoH.


Fuck that bat I have the energy now

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