[Lore Discussion] Operator origin

A compilation of all current op place of birth, if there is someone missing please let me know in advance :ak_kaltsitsip:


OP: Lava, Melantha, Hibiscus, Haze, Mousse, Jessica, Nightmare, Skyfire, Breeze, Grani, Reed, Indra, Siege, Blaze, Bagpipe, Phantom, May, Mint, Iris, Toddifons, Breeze


OP: Gummy, Beehunter, Zima, Istina, Absinthe, Hellagur, Rosa, Folinic


OP: Steward, Matterhorn, Courier, Pramanix, Cliffheart, SilverAsh


OP: Catapult, Fang, Meteor, Gravel, Nearl, Platinum, Whislash, Blemishine


OP: Adnachiel, Plume, Ambriel, Executor, Exusiai, Mostima, Arene, Archetto


OP: Waai Fu, FEater, Nian, Leizi, Purestream, Mr.Nothing, Dusk
Lungmen: Shaw, Hung, Bison, Swire, Snowsant, Aak, Ch’en, Jaye


OP: Yatō, Noir Corne, Midnight, Shirayuki, Matoimaru, Hoshiguma, Utage, Tsukinogi, Suzuran, Akafuyu

Columbia Union

OP: Castle-3, Lancet-2, Orchid, Dur-nar, May, Frostleaf, Texas, Astesia, Mayer, Ptilopsis, Franka, Silence, Saria, Magallan, Cutter, Aciddrop, Jackie, Rosmontis, Mountain, Kafka, Robin, Pinecone, Beanstalk, Passenger


OP: Beagle, Dobermann, Podenco, Greyy, Ceobe

RIM Billiton

OP: Kroos, Ansel, Popukar, Rope, Savage, Amiya, Leonhardt, Schwarz, Ayerscarpe, April


OP: Cardigan, Earthspirit, Eyjafjalla


OP: Vigna, Warfarin, Flamebringer, Meteorite, Nightingale, Shining, W, Mudrock


OP: Spot, Manticore, Sesa, Flint, Bubble, Tuye, Heavyrain, Gavial, Tomimi, Eunectes, Estelle, Beeswax, Liskarm, Vanilla


OP: Gitano, Bibeak


OP: Sussurro, Broca, Lappland, Provence, Angelina, Shamare, Aosta, Chiave


OP: Perfumer, Croissant, Vulcan, Conviction, Sideroca


OP: Ceylon


OP: Elysium, Weedy, Andreana, Thorns, Whisperain


OP: Specter, Glaucus, Skadi, Gladiia

Kingdom of Agamem

OP: Conviction


OP: Kal’tsit, Surtr, Sora, Ash, Tachanka, Blitz, Frost, Click, Ifrit, Ethan


Am I reading this right or is there any missing information which I didn’t know before ? Like Vouivre being part of Sargon’s territory or are these two places have any relation ?


In the story of afternoon, it was stated that Vanilla hometown is Sargon

And her place of birth on profile is Vouivre

So Vouivre Alliance is most likely a part of Sargon as well :ak_kaltsitsip:


Shoudn’t Texas be a Siracusan along with Lappland?

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Many people mistook her as Siracusan because her relationship with Lappland but her place of birth is actually in Columbia :ak_kaltsitsip:


so maybe add Closure to Colombia to keep kuu0 happy

Also Cardigan is from Leithanen but Ansel is from… so they aren’t brother and sister? Wow, I’m actually kinda shocked about that.


One is a doggo and one is a rabbit, in what world that they can be related :ak_kaltsitsip:

Edit: thanks for the Absinthe part :ak_kaltsitlaugh:


And I kinda ran out of idea of lore discussion that everyone can discuss without spoiler or something, maybe some analysis about character or nation or event :ak_kaltsitsip:???


Haha, yeah I skipped the last one, because I wasn’t sure if there was anything about chapter 8 in there or not.

Yeah it’s tough to avoid spoilers, and then less people are going to get involved for fear of them.

Event story discussion has happened before so might be worth trying during or at the end of different events.

If you’re looking for suggestions of something to do and keep adding to over time, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of NPCs that are popping up in the different stories (Rat King, Rat King’s daughter, that chick that looks like Saria, Wei Yenwu’s wife, Wei Yenwu). Would be cool to have a place to put the screenshots of these extras, profile how they fit with Rhodes Island and the wider world. Maybe also speculate about if they could be added to the game, and what class/role they could fill.

For example:

Might be a way to discuss some of the backgrounds and power struggles going on in the various places behind the scenes too


That’s a good idea tbh, I’ll try Lin Yuxia next and let’s see how it goes :ak_kaltsitsip:


And the last part is kinda tough to do cause most players just don’t read story or look up enough to discuss anything meaningful :ak_sad:


A bit late to the party (for some reason I didn’t see that thread), but I would love a thread to discuss event story each time and try to collect the link between each event, the timeline and add information to the general lore

I skiped most of the lore discussion thread because they were most of the time about Chap 8 or related to part of the game I didn’t reach yet (so I don’t want spoiler)

But yeah having some sort of regular thread about lore discussion on the present event could be fun, at least for actual heavy related story event.

Things is, IMO , the popularity of such thread would be closely related to the people itself.
If people start making a thread the very first day of the new event, not even 1 hours after the start, because they used their Surtr to rush through the level, and basically the discussion is already “over” after the first day, chance that the less regular (in term of forum activity or game activity) people will just don’t bother.
In the same way, understanding that not everyone is at Chap 8 EX-Level , and therefore avoiding blantly showing Screen Shot of dialogue and event would prevent people to just get off the thread and not come back.
I know the lack of proper spoiler BBCode ain’t helping, but still, personnally when I see right in front of my eyes some screen shot of a chap 8/end-level event dialogue, I will just not bother reading let alone reply.

Just my thought on how to improve things to get more activity, might be just me that is an asshole on the way I deal with this, I’m fine with this title.

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