[Lore Discussion] The reason why Alina must be a deer

The deer has a special symbolic meaning in both Western and Eastern cultures. So they are used quite a lot in movies and literature, but few people know them.
As in “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”, Frances McDormand, the unfortunate mother saw a deer in the street.
Or in “The Invisible Guest”, from a “deer” that has led to a series of tragedies, thereby revealing the ugly nature of human beings.
In the two movies above, the image of the deer is sacred. In the first movie, that image is like a salvation. For a mother who has lost her beloved daughter, she sees her daughter in that deer, which gives her little hope in this life. In the second film, the “deer” is again the witness of all crimes, and also a metaphor for the law of cause and effect.
In addition, in Christianity, the deer symbolizes filial piety, dedication and is a symbol of God’s care with his children.
Or in some tribes in the Americas, the deer is a messenger, an animal that embodies strength. They are also symbols of sensitivity, understanding and tenderness.
Therefore Alina must be the deer, the divine salvation of Talulah.
From the very beginning Alina saw in Talulah’s eyes a fire, her hatred. Talulah even said that, in front of this innocent deer, she couldn’t hide anything, so if she didn’t want Alina to know something, she could only not do it.
Alina was always the one to quench Talulah’s fire until her last moment.


Alina Talulah…!
Talulah Alina… I’m listening… Just tell me!
Alina I won’t tell you…!
Talulah Why?! Why?! Are you not going to at least give me the chance to avenge you?!
Alina You mustn’t… Don’t you remember what you said to me yourself?
Alina You mustn’t fight for revenge. You’ve already chosen, Talulah. You’ve already chosen a path to follow…
Alina Giving up halfway… all because of me…? I won’t have it…
Alina Don’t hold this against anybody… You mustn’t.
Talulah What are you talking about?! What are you saying?! How can I not…? How am I supposed to not hold this against anyone!!!
Alina You told me yourself…! You said yourself that you can’t harbor hatred against anyone… or you’d be… swallowed up… by that old man who placed that curse on you…
Alina …Even if those Arts never existed in the first place… Wouldn’t you still… be taken over… by all those things that represented who he was?
Alina You told me that yourself.
Talulah Right… Right. But… But… Those people… Those…
Alina …You know where they came from… and why they did that.
Alina You said it yourself… Those people… aren’t our enemies…
Talulah Stop… Alina… Don’t speak…!
Alina No… Talulah… Everything you said… I remember… so you must remember yourself…
Alina These aren’t the people… you need to crush… It’s Ursus… That drove them into that corner…
Alina It’s Ursus… and… the world as it is…
Talulah It’s okay… That’s enough, Alina… I get it now!
Alina Talulah… There is one thing you can detest… Everything they did, you can scorn.
Alina But… never hate… anyone.
Alina Do you agree with me…? Do you think what I said… is right? Are our lives… meaningful at all? Ugh… I don’t know.
Alina I’m not sure what it was… that we did wrong… but I know very well just what that curse… is all about.
Alina Your rage… can burn down the entire plain… but you mustn’t hate…
Talulah Alina…
---- ----
Alina I’m worried. Talulah, I’m so worried. If I’m not here anymore, you must have Yelena remind you… All this…
Talulah Alina, stop! Don’t go on! I don’t… I don’t want you gone. All of you need to be here with me. You, Yelena, Sasha, Eno… All of you…
Talulah I don’t want to lose any of you…!
Alina Talulah… but all of us…
Alina All of us met… so that we could part one day.

However, after witnessing so many tragedies with infected, she could no longer control herself, and became a vessel controlled by Kashchey.
But in the end, it was Alina’s words that once again saved Talulah.
You must… live on….

She gradually regains consciousness, and is determined to live up to the sacrifices of her comrades and to atone for her mistakes with her own strength.
What is the difference between Alina and the deer in the movie? Those deer are not real, but Alina, a real deer that exists beside Talulah, always reminds her of the mistakes and sins she should pay for.

Or simply the artist just wanted to draw a deer… :rofl:
I also want to mention another Elafia, Firewatch.
A girl leaves the forest between Kazimierz and Ursus to avenge her village.
I hope she can let go of her grudges, say goodbye to the past, and look to the future.
Because she is also a deer, and deer can’t hate forever.
DEER supremacy :ak_kaltsitsip:

Your thought?


Come to think of it… she looks awfully similar to Firewatch…


They look similar alright :ak_kaltsitlaugh:

I was about to make a thread about Terra nations and factions but the workload is just too big for me to bother so I decided to do something as simple as this, next time will be Aegir automatic toilet tho :rofl: