[Lore Discussion] Ursus Emperor's Blade

"Take my advice. Kill yourselves now."
You have no idea… You have no idea what you’re facing! You don’t even know what exactly he is, and you want to get yourself killed?!
"There is fear abound in the air."
…The Liches… The Facerending Liches! I-I thought that was just a made up fairy tale…?!
You mean… we are looking at them right now?! The Liches that slice faces off of bodies after killing everyone, leaving behind nothing but a bunch of nameless corpses in the forest?!
How long have these guys been around…? I first heard the story… T-They could only be Liches!

A large black figure stood on the path Talulah had just passed. The snowflake fell from the gray sky, turning black in the moment they touch him, finally shattered and scattered across the ground like ashes.
They used to banish the Demons of the Northern Tundra, isolating other races from civilization. They were the ones who executed the princes and the nobles, all so for Ursus’s glory would not be buried in rebellion. They are the monsters of the Empire. Each of them is equivalent to a nation. And every piece of land they set foot on is synonymous with Ursus’ territory. They are judges, as well as executioners. They are the forbidden guards, the most elite force of the Empire.
They… are the Emperor’s Blades.

Emperor’s Blade is based on a completely real army in Russian history, called Oprichniki. Those dressed in black, specializing in hunting and executing opposing side. founded and directed by Tsar Ivan IV Vasilyevich or “Ivan the Terrible”, in addition they are also guards of this tsar. Through the dialogue in chapter 8, I saw the thoughts of the Emperor’s Blade, they did not serve a certain emperor, but they served the “Empire”. In addition, most of the members are extremely fans of Patriot, and the group which usually keep their cool after seeing him they act like crazy fans meet idols. It is known that during the fierce battle in the “Valley of the Setting Sun”, only 20 Emperor’s Blades died, showing the elite of this squad.

A Patriot that took Kal’tsit, Amiya and Rosmontis to barely defeat once said “Two Royal Guards by their lonesome aren’t enough to kill me. If you want to make an enemy of me, you’d better bring a third man with you next time.”

Looking at the strength of this elite squad, no wonder why Ursus is famed for its military might, RI may have a good number of powerful op but its strength still can’t compare to a country rn, with our current op even counting Logos, I doubt RI can survive against a full assault from Ursus or any other country, with Talulah in RI custody and both Ursus and Yen want a reason to wage war to each other, RI can’t stay neutral forever and soon to be caught in a war between countries.

Your thought?


My thoughts…

… Are we in a Lostbelt? :fgo_gudako:

In all seriousness, seeing what it took to take down Patriot (story-wise of course not gameplay), then seeing what he was capable of during the flashbacks, and then hearing more about his accomplishments just strikes home that for all RI’s capabilities, they’re essentially closer to being the equivalent of black ops force rather than an actual army. A scalpel rather than a sword or hammer.

I believe it was also stated in-game that RI cannot stand against a proper power, much less Ursus who is known for its military might. RI’s neutrality was the only shield they reasonably had to allow them to travel freely without being needlessly troubled by foreign powers. Breaking off from Lungmen when Chernobog approached was part of that as getting caught up in the conflict would have forced them out of their neutrality one way or another.

The entirety of chapter 7 and chapter 8 was essentially their only effective means of accomplishing RI’s goals (with regards to the Infected) while still maintaining their neutrality.

But taking Talulah into their custody is essentially a double-edged sword. By holding her, they maintain neutrality as per their plans, but also provoke further attention and scrutiny from other nations given Reunion’s actions, most notably Ursus.

Victoria seems to be the next major power that will come into play, but I doubt Ursus will be quiet for long.


Now we only need a certain Duchess and Polish Master come into play :fgo_gudako:

Another thing is, Theresis is most likely holding big power in Victoria rn, RI not only has Talulah a drake but Siege an aslan also, two rightful heirs of the Victoria throne are in RI can make them facing two countries at the same time, not to mention Talulah also has royal Yen bloodline so Yen would most likely make its stand as well, if RI not careful enough, they’ll make all Terra into their enemies rather than staying neutral :fgo_shutensip:


Given their long term goal of helping the Infected, it’s to be expected that they’d be stepping on a lot of toes along the way. But adding in political powderkegs like that just hastens the process.

I feel like Kal’tsit still has some sort of political card to put into play for when they start to edge too close to crossing the neutrality lines. Not just from her time in Babel, but from her connection to Theresa as well as the fact that Patriot called her “Dame”. The fact that someone like him holds her in high regard means something. But whether that sort of respect still carries weight in the present climate is still uncertain.


My thought?

Plot Armor will solve it all :ak_mostima:
Like it or not, you will be, or not to be…
accept their logic, when the rest of it have been told to us
In the end… it’s all back to your own thoughts.

Another thoughts from my side,

For example,
In the end, Rosmontis get acknowledgement from the elite guards of patriot.
Good plot, well built, wholesome one.

In the end Amiya could instantly copy paste Chen’s skill and knowledge, and then print out those elite Sword out of nowhere.
Bad plot, Absurd and forced.

Ex-wife is the best wife?
That’s a fact. your argument is invalid.