Losing the Will to Play

I have spent about 800 orbs, per banner, on 3 different banners within the last year and a half, and under no circumstance did I pull the unit I wanted (outside 40 summons on the last remix). Then I hop on youtube, and see this: I Finally +10'd Ninja Lyn - My FEH Summoning Session - YouTube

He pulls two copies Lynja, in less than 100 orbs, and at a mere 3% rate. I am not “mad” at Akariss, I am mad at the game.

I’ve been trying to get my mythic/legendary merges up so I can improve my score in AR/Arena, so I can better compete with the p2w, but I have been unable to pull a single copy of ANY of the mythics/legendaries for over a year now (not counting 40 summons on Tiki).

Last week, I finished AR with close to my maxed out score (lost 4-5 defense games), and yet I was unable to even make top 1000 due to low merges. By contrast, I had an opponent with 2 maxed F!Eddys that didn’t even bother placing the bonus defense structure… This guy was tier 38 when I re-matched him for my last win of the week.

The game’s grindy tedium, and weak story don’t help either; Rokkir/Grand Conquest put me to sleep, and I feel nothing for Reginn.

Sorry if this just sounds like whining, but I had to get it off my chest.


I feel the same way with the game in terms of the grindy tedium, FB is the little saving grace when they arent shoving me 3H and brave characters with boring stories, also GHB because some are challenging.
I stopped playing grand conquests a long time ago and it has been a positive change.
Im not a competitive player and I dont want to ever become one, but you cant fight P2W players, while being F2P, sure you can put a fight and win some battles but the amount of defeats will be larger than your wins.
My message is that you should change your objective with the game, lower your expectations about getting a unit, I entered with 1500 orbs on a seasonal banner that last year allowed me 1 copy of the unit for 600 orbs, I was ready to lose but RNG turned on my favor and allowed me to get the unit to +10, its a gacha anything can happen, you should focus on your favorite units only, I hardly got any legendaries this year, the only new one was Corrin and she was from the VG banner with Seiros and Lynja.

If you feel too frustrated with the game, a break is good and doing other stuff that you enjoy will ease your mind.
Im ready to quit anytime I just need the final push to send everyone home and say goodbye to askr.


At least you didn’t lose $3000+ US dollars into the game into units that haven’t aged well due to powercreep like I have since the game came out. Think how much irl your financially doing better than most of us whales are lol, its one way to look at it. Other than that, all I can say is just do your free pulls and pull only on banners with the 40 pull pity and go for banners your gut feeling tells you to


Well L/M banners specifically are some of the worst banners in terms of getting the unit you actually want. Great for 5*, the best because of the obviously high rate, but hard to get a specific unit, which is why it’s generally recommended to want at least two, if not all three of the units colorsharing

If it makes you feel any better, I just tried to get 3 copies of Lynja in 885 orbs and only got two.


I just hope you are fine
If you need to stay away from the game do ir
Be healthy


There’s a reason Akariss went into that summoning session with about 1400 orbs despite only needing two copies of Ninja Lyn – the gacha blows. It was roughly a year ago that he tossed a little over 1000 orbs at a legendary heroes banner only to come away with a single copy of L!Corrin. I know a guy in a discord server that tossed over FIVE THOUSAND orbs across multiple mythic banners with only a single copy of Naga to show for it (he wanted to +10 her).

Any number of people here and in any other corner of the community will have horror stories about the gacha. Unfortunately, it’s a part of the game and we have to deal with it. What I recommend is that you take a step back and reassess your situation as objectively as you can. 2400 orbs is a decent amount of orbs but not something you can’t recover from. Legendary hero remixes have made older legendary heroes viable in Arena again and they’re sparkable, which guarantees progression. There’s good reason to believe that older mythics will get the same treatment in the future. It may take a little longer to get merges on units, but planning your summoning sessions around the spark can be game-changing.

I don’t disagree that certain elements of the game are repetitive and can be tedious at times. I also play this game competitively but I discovered a while back that there’s a monumental difference in the amount of effort required to get “top tier” rewards (Top 1K in AR, permanent T21 Arena, etc) vs. “second tier” rewards (Top 3K in AR, T20.5 Arena, etc), and the difference in rewards is not commensurate to the additional effort required. As such, I decided to focus on those second tier thresholds while I slowly build up my units to net me those top tier rewards somewhere down the line. This game is more marathon than sprint. Finally, if nothing else, take some time off. A week or two can help you decide whether you want to continue pursuing your goals or not.


Only 3k since the game came out


RIP if you’re getting second tier rewards in AR despite reaching perfect scores. :catlie:
At this point you either have to invest money or you have to be extremely disciplined and spend all your resources only on mythic banners. You need around 10 mythic merges and perfect scores on offense and defense to reach top 1K. Perhaps 7-8 merges are enough, I’m not sure. I have 5 in both seasons and I never made top 1k.


Now would be a good time to cut ties while you’re felling this strongly about it. Nothing kills your day more than realizing you wasted x-amount of dollars on something that didn’t even give you what you wanted… Especially when you consider you could’ve bought a brand new Xbox for that price.

Put that into perspective, vow to never make that mistake again, and move on.


Your experience is basically the reason I mostly skip L/M banners and seasonals and I am having a better experience since then. Also, I don’t take competitive that serious because the difference between tiers is minimal and it’s not worth the stress.

Sometimes you are lucky and others not. We have to accept this is a gacha game afterall and that is a part of playing this kind of games.


Absolutely. I stay away from unspeakable banners. Things can go bad quickly.


I feel for you man.

I’d kid your f2p or p2w, but I will say this: anyone spending so much as a dollar on this game has to beware of the gambling pull. This is Vegas, and every lightbulb in that city was bought by a loser. We all have to be careful, set hard limits, and obey said limit and walk away when it comes time. I’m preaching to the choir because I also get the pull.

Stay strong, walk away if needed, and keep on with no regrets!


I stopped caring about the game this year Jan. I just play for faves; never touch AR anymore; t16 arena. Yeah. It’s freeing not caring haha!

And then there is me contemplating spending $100 on the Chrom pack because he’s my fave! And I’m not even competitive. I hate this dilemma…


Yo we are Arena tier buddies, I also stay in tier 16, just using my high mobility units to get through the 5 weekly matches asap.