Lost Adrift Amidst The Sea of Madness

So keeping up with which IV is good or which is worthless can be maddening. Sometimes I get stuck on wow this IV is terrible instead of realizing I actually got a hero I wanted (or at least decided to use for sake of they might amount to something)…anyway, I could try and make it work or practice some patience nd eventually get a better version someday. After all patience is a virtue; lets let’s just say I’ll never be a Warrior of Virtue. With that said, I’m going to succumb to the madness yet again… what is the preferred IV for Edelgard?? I don’t know which to use, I want to make a Galeforce build for her, I just don’t know which to work with (and no I’m not comitted to the one that is level 40, she was just my first one)…

Definitely +Def -Res. Her weapon guarantees follow ups so she doesn’t need Spd, and she would rather give up her Res than her Atk.

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+Def -Res is the best. :birbpeek:
Edelgard uses her high Def to tank and her weapon to double, so she doesn’t generally use Spd & Res.

I actually lean towards +spd -HP for four reasons:

  • her def is great without a boon on the base kit
  • res and atk are not banes I like. Her res isn’t great but she can potentially tank Nowi and L.Tiki in the same battle without healing. Plus there’s the possibility of buffing it
  • merged wary fighters and L.Hector can have 26-28 spd, blocking her forced double. Going up to 33 spd lets her natural double to push through.
  • PvE opponents often have spd in the 30s. You can potentially save her getting doubled by archers, swords, etc. Especially with a buff.

Cool thanks for the advice! I hate to see a bane on Res for most heroes because there are just too many powerful mages… Edelgard and Fallen Corrin are my next projects so I can move my teams around. Thanks for the tip on the speed Boon

Keep in mind I think -HP is similar to -res because she has a hard time surviving two hits to her res. I was keeping the marginal option open of buffing her res (or if you get infantry round bonus in GC or something like that)