Lost cause: Lugia?

Currently Lugia can’t be used in PvP, with Dragon Tail it can’t beat Togekiss. With Extrasensory it doesn’t help it versus almost anything else. Main benefit: Psystrike Mewtwo won’t hurt it and Groudon can’t hurt it. Is there a potential fast move that can do anything else for Lugia? In other games is Lugia even a Pokemon thought to be effective in open PvP situations?

Lugia can be used in GL but performs better in UL and ML and is great in both. Dragon Tail charges up Sky Attack very quickly so you can bust down shields while tanking charge move after charge move. It’ll be an even bigger threat when we get Aeroblast assuming Niantic doesn’t make it useless.

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In Pokemon Go Lugia has always been notable for resisting fighting moves so thoroughly. In Master League there are so few really worthwhile Pokemon, Lugia owns Groudon completely. Same story for Psystrike+Focus Blast/Flamethrower Mewtwo. These matches go pretty quick, few people have the patience to charge up Kyogre’s Thunder or Blizzard, so it can beat Kyogre. Basing Lugia on its ability to outlast Togekiss is not Lugia’s fault…it is Togekiss credit. Togekiss needs direct counters to prevent it from taking half of your party.***Looking at Lugia more, some of the losses aren’t completely one-sided. It tries against Dialga. Against Melmetal it should be a complete skunkloss, but Lugia doesn’t lose as bad as that in some scenarios…Nobody would expect to see Lugia, so it would take a few thoughts to pick that best response (Melmetal and Gira-O and Zekrom)


I actually, for the first time ever in ML, faced a Lugia yesterday! My Mewtwo got stuck against it. I still got it to about 20-30% using Psystrikes. I love Lugia, but it is devoured by steels, Giratina, Togekiss if running Dragon Tail and Zekrom (to name a few, there’s probably more)

Lugia can be a surprise pick, however, it’s farming is not gonna result in cannon blasts. Darkrai is frail (and weak to fighting/Melmetal and fairy/Togekiss), BUT when it gets in a great spot, it changes a match completely. The account I’m using DP/FB Darkrai on is in the high 2200s. Entirely possible to see Mewtwo, then Giratina-O, then Metagross. No combination of pokemon could be that beneficial to Lugia…Machamp, Psystrike Mewtwo, Groudon? Not likely. Latios is somewhat similar, it stays in some battles but it doesn’t win many of them. Latios, however seems to have a wider pool of coverage moves it could potentially get. Maybe Surf, Bulldoze, Grass Knot, or Icy Wind/Ice Beam.***Well, TBH Lugia “can” also get some other multi-bar moves besides Sky Attack, guess more of a hunch that it is less likely.

Granted 2300 at this point not a high level, but I do Groudon vs. Dragonite lead. I switch to Dialga, they switch to Melmetal (I have IH and Thunder on this one), so I burn two shields but keep it close. Then Dragonite back on Groudon. Didn’t matter that much even down on shields because I have Darkrai as 3rd, they have Gira-O. I’m overmatched with two pokemon BUT Darkrai made up for that and more…plus I knew I had a chance as bad as the matchups looked. BUT if I saw a Togekiss…insta-quit;)