Lost my account, didn't set up a password or anything

This is all I have of the account itself

(Cropped screenshot of a screenshot because I’ve screenshotted too many things since then, but I can provide the original image if needed. The image was also made a while ago, so Moemura and the fire girl have a higher level)
I’m worried that if I reinstall I won’t get a second Moemura :(

moemura promo is over, yes

try contacting support?



have fun

It asks for the transfer ID

rip\your only hope is rlt now

what’s that?

real life trading,
just pay someone 5 dollars for an acc with girls you want(probably not that cheap but meh)
or get the acc of someonewhos quitting for free

If you want I have a spare account, btw I think you can still get Homura with Magia Chips

it cost 300 but you can get moemura with magia chips yea