Lost my accounts to LDPlayer

Something about the Virtual Terminal not activated and that the files are corrupted. I tried logging into the account from my mobile and it said “Transfer code already in use” for both accounts.
Thankfully these are my 2nd accounts (one NA, one JP) but they had 100+ SQ for my much needed guilty rolls. Would FGO support return these accounts?


Just don’t tell them that you were using LDPlayer


Emulation is technically against terms of service, but might be possible to recover your accounts even without ithe information regarding your device.
Just a warning you will really need as much info about each account as possible.

Btw, they generally respond between midnight and 5 AM for me and I live on GMT-4.


don’t emulators typically spoof devices for you? so I think you could say that you were using x spoofed device, just not “yeah, I was using -insert emulator name here-”


No idea tbh, I lack experience with those.

But if it is the case, then OP has even more info that could help.


Yeah you just say the device your emulator is, well, emulating


Yes it is usually a Samsung Device with Nox and Bluestacks but I did not check with LDPlayer properly. I’m just gonna steer clear of any emulator for now and just use my old broken phone to house those accounts.

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