Lost Souls in Endless Time

So I’m really dumb when it comes to making teams… can anyone help me out on this? I was wanting to be more deliberate on my teams. I’m getting ready start the last difficulty level of the story mode, so I figured now would be a good time to start working on other things in the game. Thanks in advance for any insights and enlightenment…

Here a quick glance at my barracks (levels are irrelevant on team composition as I don’t mind grinding em up)…

Thanks again for any advice!

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just build whatever you want

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Main story isn’t the most difficult setting, so you can kinda team build however you want, especially since you can afford to lose a unit and still get the orb out of it. But for general teambuilding considerations:

It’s helpful to have a strong defensive unit who can beat out units when they’re refusing to move. That Fallen Ike would be good overall with Repel. Fjorm or Fallen Lyon would do well baiting out magic users, while Groom Hinata, Xander, or Legendary Ike would do well baiting out physical enemies.
A strong offensive unit and healer is a pretty simple combo. Peony’s a great free dancer, and option of Fallen Julia, Lewyn Brave Veronica, and Tibarn are really good player phase nukes. Reinhardt + 3 dancers is a pretty standard cheese strategy for most, so if you promote that Sylvia (or other dancer of choice) you’d be able to pull that off.

A good starting point to consider is trying to balance colors (one of each), and deciding if you want your team to play toward Enemy Phase (defense) or Player Phase (offense). Defense might not want a dancer, but definitely wants a healer. Offense may not care about having healing, but almost always wants a dancer. Reposition is almost always the best movement skill to get your dancer or healer out of enemy range when they support an ally. Beyond that, it’s a bit of trial and error to find the playstyle that works best for you.

Hopefully that helps. Good luck!


That’s pretty much what I always have done. I’m just not sure who is better at certain game modes or which characters work better with others. I started the last difficulty of the story mode, but I’m really going to play through it sparingly (to have some free orbs for a rainy day). I want to get better at the other areas of the game, so that’s why I’m asking. I’m only around level 10 jn AR and arena because I haven’t really invested in them.
I figures if I made better teams I could tackle some of these other game modes along with the other extra battles and actually get somewhere. Thanks for your input

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Well for general team advice for various modes…

  • For AR you’ll get a lot of use out of Fallen Ike and Fallen Lyon. F!Lyon in particular is one the best ranged ta is in the game thanks to his weapon. Pressing the symbols in the top left of the screen will tell you what “seasons” it currently is. For AR you’re interested in light/dark season and astra/anima season(right now its astra/anima). I don’t see her but were playing at the time they gave out a free Altina? It so you want to level her up for AR. To keep it brief, using a mythic hero and allies with the same blessing as that mythic hero helps you score better(ie gain more lift) and gives the allies stat boosts. In a couple days it will switch to light/dark season for AR. In light season, any light-blessed allies you use in AR on a team with Eir and Peony will gain +5hp/+5res from Eir and +5hp/+4spd from Peony. For astra/anima season, you would want to use Astra-blessed heroes with Altina(which will give them +5hp/+3atk). For light season I would suggest using F!Ike, Eir, Peony, and Veronica. F!Ike really benefits from the extra spd and res and makes for a nasty Light season tank. Veronica gives you healing and her huge range makes getting aether pots(which is very important and should always be a priority) much easier. For astra, I’d suggest Altina(if you have her), F!Lyon, and then maybe Tibarn with ninian(you should have a dancer but your 4th slot is pretty flexible). Remember tibarn gets extra movement if you keep him away from human allies. If you don’t have Altina, then you could pretty much use your light season team and not worry about scoring until you get an astra mythic.

  • For arena it’s a little more straightforward: merge your units. Right now if you 5* your Astram and clear is GHB on every difficulty(and kill him with Sharena to clear the quest and get a 3* copy), you’ll be able to merge him to +3. Depending on how many grails you’ve spent, you should be able to get another 1 or 2 merges. Make sure you 5* each copy before merging. For arena you need to use highly merged units with high BST and high-cost skills. Astram has very good BST(base stat total) at 175, and to have him score well just give him aether(when you pull a chrom, 5* him for aether) and a tier 4 A skill(something with the bold yellow rim like steady stance 4 or sturdy impact). But to keep it simple and brief, starting by getting all the Astram copies you can and work towards collecting the feathers to 5* them. Also, hold on to every “legendary” hero you come across(such as Legendary Ike or Fjorm). They aren’t worth worrying about now but hold onto them for later. For a team right now I’d just run Astram(after you promote him), Surtr, Fallen Tiki, and probably Fallen Lyon since he will be a bonus unit for another week or so

  • For pve content. 5* Forrest for physic+ and give Fallen Tiki the special noontime. Between Surtr, F!Tiki, and F!Ike you’ll be able to clear all but abysmal difficulty maps(and even some of those). It will take a while to get your barracks built up to where you can reliably take down abyssal maps, but don’t worry as the reward for them is always just a useless accessory anyway


Haha, that’s pretty funny. I haven’t used Reinhardt that much ( I normally use my Ursula), but I think Tethys and Reyson are my only other refreshers outside of Sylvia… I never used her because it’a hard to tell which refreshers are worth anything. Thanks for all your advice! You’ve given me a lot to work with and thanks for clarifying some things!

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Sure thing, glad it helped! As for refreshers, generally all of them are worth something because refreshing is fantastic. Different dancers will have different roles, but generally speaking it’s finding their unique support.

Sylvia would want +HP boon and as much HP stacking as you can to run Infantry Pulse in C. That speeds up the specials of all your infantry units with less HP than her, and is a really common and effective AR defense team strategy with AoE nukes like Lilina, or just outright nukes like Sonya.
Tethys has really good Res, and can run Temari+, Sabotage skills, or Ploys to debuff enemies with less Res than her. Temari+ and Sabotage can be good for AR offense, since enemy teams tend to bunch up.
Reyson has passive healing in his weapon, and 3 movement when transformed, allowing him the best movement of any dancer, tied with Leanne. He’s a very strong combo with Tibarn, and if you decided to grail Naesala and some day pull a Leanne, that’s Bird Spam, and it’s useful for…really everything.

Again, it all depends on the team they’re supporting, but every dancer is good if you’re keeping their strengths in mind. The only downside is, no dancer scores particularly well in Arena without the corresponding Duel skill. Which…are really rare. The previous post gave some good pointers on Arena scoring, so I’ll just echo their thoughts. Pick three favorites with a BST of 170 or more and work on merging them up first and foremost. The merges count for more than anything else you can do with them, and your three Arena core units should be your first merge priorities.


A free Altina would have been nice. Apparently I started right after the Edelgard banner ended… bad luck timing wise, but tis life, I’m sure I’ll get them eventually. Anyways, thanks for all the advice especially on AR, that mode confuses me to no end…

I have some grails left. I did use some getting some materials for my Ursula (thanks for the build help on her).

I couldn’t part with my Nailah for the Swift Sparrow fodder (sad enough regular Nailah is gonna be a tasty snack for her A and B slot someday…).

Can I use Sharena at 4* or does she need to be 5*?? I haven’t figured out how to get through the Infernal battle yet, but I already got through his first two battles. Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of promoting him to begin with, as I’ve been using him in the Tempest Trials since winning him.

As always, I appreciate all your help and infinite wisdom in this crazy mixed up universe that is Fire Emblem…

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Awesome, thanks for all the help and clarification on the refresher situation.

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With the infernal battle, try searching “astram infernal battle guide” on YouTube. PhoenixMaster1 had a guide using only f2p units(I believe he used L!Ike, Young Azura(from the grail shop but ideally you’ll be able to spend those on Astram), Eir, and a physic+ healer. But he made that guide before peony was released so you might be able to make the guide work with peony instead of Y!Azura. Besides that Kumatheta(I think is his username? Its Kuma-something) also does f2p guides and usually makes his without grail units and with minimum sacred seals.
4* Sharena could probably do it but I would suggest bringing Surtr and/or Duo Micaiah. Surtr’ss c skill and free AoE damage coupled with Dominance from Micaiah’s Duo Skill will make it a lot easier for 4* sharena to get the kill. Not very easy but yo still have a like a week to figure it out(my guess would probably be Surtr, sharena, eir, and Duo Micaiah). My guess would be that Eir helps with the mages and keeps Surtr healthy while Surtr sits in the middle bottle-necking the bottom foes and Micaiah deals with the archer and 2 armors at the top. Just be careful that Surtr doesn’t hit Astram with a bonfire.

Anyways hope I was able to help! Takes a bit to really get started into this game

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Oh also a bit off-topic but a neat little tip for you: try to run Duo Micaiah whenever you run Ursula. The extra damage from Micaiah’s Dominance effect stacks with Ursula’s bonus atk from enemy debuffs, and the -7 def/res that Micaiah inflicts gives Ursula +14 atk; the -7 res won’t stack with res smoke(its still just -7 even if they both proc), but DOES give you a res debuff without first engaging in combat.
Theoretically if you hit a foe with chill atk/spd and Micaiah’s duo skill, ursula would gain +24 atk during combat and an extra 24 true damage per attack. Needless to say, they’re a nasty combo


If you are having difficulty in the lunatic mode story quests, you can use light bless to revive your units since light bless has very limited uses


Holy smokes!! Yeah, I’ll have to try that duo out… on a side note I got all the Astrams. Finally beat lunatic. I just had to switch my starting positions (go figure)…

Thanks for all the help!

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No problem! Glad I could help!