Lostbelt 1& 2 difficulty

I started lostbelt to participate oniland event which require lostbelt 2 completion.
How difficult it would be compared to camelot and babylonia?

The difficulty doesn’t spike as much as you may be thinking. Overall, the difficulty is roughly the same, maybe a bit harder depending on what your roster looks like versus the boss gimmicks.

But if you handles Camelot well enough then it should be doable.


I think a good barometer would be how you handled Shimosa as well because that had break bar mechanics and forced supports. There will be a couple of challenging fights with oppressive break bar mechanics, but its nothing too extreme. My advice is just to make sure you have a great Assassin for Anastasia and an Archer for Gotterdamerung. Maaaayybbbeeee a good Rider as well for a couple of fights between the two.

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Its way easier than one would think. camelot was tons harder than any lostbelt fights

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Difficulty is a magnitude higher in Lostbelt than than in Camelot and Babylonia.
However since your game understanding and roster should have evolved since Camelot (merely by virtue of raising servant level and skills) you won’t feel much difficulty spike except for a few fights.


Yeah, it’s important to remember Camelot derived its difficulty from the relative lack of tools in the game state at the time (Jeanne’s NP was the best defensive tool and it still stunned her when Camelot first dropped). On paper, the LBs are harder with the potential exception of some of the NP-spamming Camelot fights, but you also have access to a better toolkit, even if only via your friend list when that’s not locked off, and the forced supports in LB1/2 aren’t particularly hard to work around.


I am almost finished with LB1 and I am finding it surprisingly easy compared to the Pseudo-Singularities and Camelot.

Is not hard compared to other Lostbelts, i will say that maybe at Camelot/Babilonia level, but i’m not sure because i didn’t have problems in those

Relatively, they are much easier than Camelot and Shimosa.

This is of course considering that Camelot is tuned to servants expected to be around lvl 60 and the Lostbelt expects fully leveled characters in the 80s.

If you rush too much and don’t raise your servants enough they might seem harder.

Sounds good enough
I got jack and gil for assassin & archer as for rider i got achilles

The only hard LB1 boss fight (because it is massively unfair) is the 2nd cow fight because they made the cow deal too much damage and have too high a crit chance and use debuffs that are too debilitating when used on the player’s units since they last for 3 turns and there is no real way to remove them as almost no servants have debuff removal and the ones that do either suck or can only use it once before it enters a stupidly long cooldown.

If you want to simply clear them, the stats are like this.

Lostbelt 1 is completely soloable by a friend dps. Every fight. Lb2 has two that require you to have a euryale and a st saber(bedivere or so) raised. Aside from that, it’s also soloable.

If you wanna do it with your own servants, then it’s really easy. Shimosa was hard coz of the bad forced support. Lb2 actually has servants that can be useful in the fight. And, as always, majority fights are trash mobs anyways, so cu alter or herc can just solo em.

You find that hard?

If you just want to clear them, then it is extremely easy cause remember that you can always just use CS to blast np with your friend’s DPS in the worst case scenario.

So far the worst part of LB2 is how insulting the writing is. How much the writer is in love with their characters and how much they hate the protagonist and by extension the player.

Eh… the Boss of LB2 has increased damage against Divinity, so he’ll still be dealing decent damage to Gil even with Class Disadvantage. In fact, he melted my Ishtar within the first 3 turns or so. So, keep that in mind.
On the other hand, that particular fight gives you a somewhat buffed forced support; building a team for a solo strat using that Servant is entirely viable.

In my case, Tomoe just wrecked him. :smiley: Wish I could try that fight again now that I’ve got Tomoe at lvl100/10/10/10 and nearly 2k/2k on fous.

Warning Major LB1 spoilers

So, you know how you’re riding a golem for that fight? The golem acts as a Mystic Code, and the skills help quite a lot with that fight. That fight was actually pretty fun.

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That was by far my favorite fight. The presentation, the music, the unique skills. The highlight of the game, so far… to me. I wish more bosses were like that. They would mean something. Albeit, I skipped the story to blitz through. So once I go back with context, maybe some of the other encounters will be more impactful.

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LB1 is definitively easier than those 2 or Shimosa, and LB2 is even easier (specially if you have a Nobu Archer to troll the second last boss, and Euryale/Robin to massive damage on Sigurd). Sigurd and Surt are literally the only problems in LB2.

The only issue is if you are not used to break bar gimmicks (lot of bosses insta NP on them, or insta some buff/debuff).