Lostbelt 2 looks weak

I skimmed through the main quests of Götterdämmerung and it loos like if you got euryale, proto cu and camilla you can clear the whole singularity with them. (Anti-female, anti-beast, anti-divine )

Now i didnt looked at the last few boss fights but Götterdämmerung reminds me of shinjuku (vlad extra can almost solo the whole singularity).

Are the lostbelts gonna ramp up in difficulty like how camelot singularity did or is there something im missing out?

Have fun with the crit spam Valkyries. They show up a lot, and often in great numbers.
You also can’t cheap out Surtr with Euryale in his last fight, since he’s Mental Debuff Immune, Debuff Immune, and deals extra damage to Divine servants. Being locked with Sigurd in that fight also means you have zero options for a friend support.


I’m more curious what makes Eury, Cu or Carmilla anti-divine.


From what I’ve heard, the lostbelts do ramp up slightly in difficulty, but you shouldnt ever expect a difficulty spike like Camelot’s ever again.

If you rate the story chapters by relative difficulty, the difficulty curve would look something like this (rough estimates based on my own perception, don’t take this as gospel).

Another difficulty spike on the level of EPU to Camelot would be harmful to the game’s business model. The biggest spikes you’re gonna see are those on the level of the other EoRs to Shimousa (Salem is an outlier of a piss easy chapter relative to its predecessors, for some reason).


The new lostbelt 5 pt 2 is quite hard, like incredibly hard (for me at least), but the other ones are alright.


Two words…


Damage-bonus vs males still applies. So, setting her up for instant NP to fire-and-forget one bar should be plenty.

This here on a certain piece of wood

Lifebar1Lifebar0 : Heliopause is removed and replaced with :

  • Heliopause ・ Purge : Buffs self with Defense Up (3 turns) every turn.

Should be fun to watch Kiara just straight up chew through.

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I don’t play JP, but what you are saying is that the spike of whatever is the most difficult story chapter currenlty (as of NA that would be Shimousa, no idea if LB2-5.1 have something harder) to LB5.2 is the same as EPU to Camelot? Because I find it hard to believe that going from 20k mobs and gimmickless 400k HP bosses to the shitfest that is Camelot (Berserker NPs every turn, effective 1.2M HP Gawain with NPs every other turn, Rhongomyniad with Pierce Invuln NPs every 3 turn, even trash mobs have 120k HP) can be topped in terms of a relative difficulty spike.
You can get through EPU with lv30 servants and without overly relying on friend supports and then Camelot slaps you with final ascension requirements on every class to even stand a chance (outside of pure Cu Alter solos that require a certain amount of skill and several retries to pull off in camelot). That is one hell of a difficulty spike. Since you generally have maxed servants by the time you hit Arc 2, I can’t imagine that it can get significantly more difficult than it is while remaining beatable as a non-whale.


Not exactly EPU to Camelot, but more like shinjuku to Shimousa

Demeter might be beatable, alright. But only with a strong roster and the right Servants.

I was forced to stop trying because it was useless. And so far I managed to walk through all chapters without much of an issue. But here? Impossible. No CS or SQ could help here.
To make it short: Demeter (Caster Boss) has 3 Bars, an AoE NP that kills you you most likely. And she charges her NP whenever. After her first bar is down, she uses a DEF Skill (3 T) and Damage Cut (1T). A really strong one. And she does that after every turn, iirc. Meaning, you’ll do little to no damage. So a buff removel/buff block is rather necessary.
And if you manage to clear all bars, she revives with 150000 HP. - can’t be avoided.
And all you get as a Support is the AoE Lancer Caenis…


That does sound difficult. But as @Yuri_Ga_Daisuki said, that seems more comparable to Shinjuku to Shimosa rather than EPU to Camelot.

That being said, I haven’t seen it in action myself, so I will reserve proper judgement until that fight arrives in NA.

you left out the fact that her NP gives you HP down permanently (can be removed), meaning she will damage you no matter what.


this demeter?

doesn’t look too bad, but it could be after countless reset so idk

trust me, you won’t say so when you get there.


Kintoki isn’t an option for newer players (2 years kekw) sadly

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We are gonna get this spike in lostbelt 6.
We are fighting phantasmal beasts and from the lore i read servants are weak like humans to to servants.

Speculating gameplay implications from lore is pretty much impossible.
Salem’s story specifically had the gimmick of our servants being weakened to the point of being barely better than humans, yet it was also the easiest main story chapter since EPU.
If anything, it would be reasonable to assume that the difficulty keeps slowly ramping up after LB5.2, or it will lower a bit back down to LB3/4 levels again. Depends entirely on how DW feels about it. Lore will certainly have 0 bearing on the actual difficulty.


God hopefully not, still stuck on LB5…

Salem was very story heavy that fights didn’t even matter,shame how the writter missed the point of lovecraftian horror.


But if we are to assume how hard the game should be we are gonna fight a Type in lostbelt 7 and lostbelt 6 has the weapon to kill beast of end so imo the difficulty should be very much increased on the level of camelot like in arc 1.


I think that will happen but who knows,we have been getting servants who powercreep way too much lately with orion and arjuna for example