Lostbelt 2 release banner. How lucky did you get?

So I’ve already said that my account has a EX luck so here is another prove of that xD. I just decided to do a single 10 Yolo summon on the new banner for lostbelt 2, wasn’t aiming for any of the servants, but i managed to get Sigurd. How are your summons from this banner?


LB2 Story mode images all messed up,and the Story itself load too long.Im too confused to do some gacha now

6 tix omg. Catalyst? Bryn.


Decided to celebrate the engine update with a 10-roll.

Got the servant I wanted from the banner, so that’s cool. Nice way to start off the new and improved game. :fgo_romadearu:


We already have a roll thread for the LB2 banner.


Saving for Skadi.

I just did two rolls and i get just two old 3 star ce’s, but i’m happy that you get good things

I wish you good luck, i spect that she can give you happiness with her presence

I got super lucky.

Not even the shadow of a feeling to impulse roll!


Was cooking when i got the 5 Star tingles, went for a Yolo and bam, megane dragon slayer.


I saw ppl getting some good stuff here and there so I had an itch to roll. Got her on ticket 1. I’ve always been blessed with SRs but have had shit luck with SSRs, so ig it’s to be expected. I can only hope for the same kind of luck in LB 3 for best boy Lanling .

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I got a K scope and sigurd back to back


Congratulations for your nordic Siegfried

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Just got Osakabehime (good friend for my Jack), so I think there goes my luck getting Valkyrie. Maybe I’ll pick her/them with next free 4* ticket…

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