Lostbelt 3 verse 16 team help

I’m on the final verse, 16, on lostbelt 3 and I’ve heard it’s the hardest verse so obviously I would want help picking a good team. I’m on arrow 1 right now.

If there’s a servant that I have that is low leveled feel free to mention them, I have a shit ton of exp cards in archive so I can level up any servant quick!


LB3, like rest of the story fights, are friend soloable. Honestly not much to say other than bring/borrow a solid damage-dealer and some meatshields of your own to buy time if necessary.

How are you struggling with that team Jesus Christ

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hes not

he thinks its hard
das why hes asking
even tho yea jesus fcking chris thats already 75% better than what most jp newbies have for their acc

only 3 fights left anyways
like even if theyre all not servants
gil + merlin can still wipe the power couple
lvl shuten up to 80 as backup along with mashuu and nighting archer

qsh s hard but like jalter can literally solo that

assassin tree can just be dealt with command seals at that point

easiest no lvling requirement tea strats

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