Lostbelt 5.1 - Atlantis Roll Thread Part 1: Crossing The Sea Of Stars


Ancestral Ocean of the Great Gods: Atlantis (Lostbelt 5.1 Map Theme 1) [Fate/Grand Order OST]

“Every adventure has its beginnings—a great journey where a group of individuals from different walks of life unifies to accomplish something great and return with a victory worthy of the gods’ praise.”

…At least, that’s what the suspicious boat captain tells you at the local tavern. It was rather late and most of the other clients had left. You aren’t exactly sure why he’s approaching you, but his drunken step doesn’t inspire confidence that this would be a good encounter.

Before you can say anything, he begins fervently recounting past adventures: tales of mighty, courageous, and larger-than-life warriors, exploits you couldn’t imagine in your wildest fantasies. His eyes shimmer with nostalgia as he speaks, only punctuating the drama with quick sips from his glass.

After a few rounds, he makes an offer. A voyage, just like the ones he used to go in his glory days, that promised to pay handsomely. (For an initial fee, of course.)


Maybe it’s the booze—maybe it’s the promise of adventure; maybe it’s your own incredulity—but that offer sounds like it would make for a great story, if nothing else. You hand over his asking fee and agree to see his ship.

“You’ll never see a greater vessel for an adventure of this caliber." He beams as you approach the dock where the ship is tethered. “It’s taken me to hell and back.”

Blade marks and arrowheads decorate its exterior. The bow seems ready to snap away with the quaintest wind, and it’s obvious the ship hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. Your stomach churns; suddenly, this didn’t seem like such a good idea.

Sensing your reticent doubts, the captain becomes indignant. “Look, I know that the ship has seen…better days, but I promise it’ll take us where we need to go." He straightens his back and smiles at you. "And with my natural skills and leadership, our victory is nothing but assured.”

At the very least, you want to see who else is on this voyage. After all, the captain must have some good crew members to justify his bravado, right?

“You want to know about the crew?” he asks, a hint of trepidation creeping into the edges of his voice. “Of course, I’ve gathered the best of the best."

Against your better judgment—curiosity is a cruel master, after all—you enter hull of the vessel, behind the man whose name you’d forgotten to ask, to meet what could only be a motley crew of scoundrels and thieves held together by the promise of money the captain clearly didn’t have.

These are your crewmates, the dramatis personae in our search for gold.

Orion, Bowman of the Three Stars


One figure dominates your sight. You try to cast your gaze about, willing your sight to look elsewhere—it’s rude to stare, after all—but your eyes have a will of their own. This man’s appearance reminds you of a beast: Height. Size. Posture. You can imagine him in a raw brawl of sorts, going head-to-head with all manner of opponents: Demons, Beasts, Giants. Each one seems like he could easily handle using only his pinky.

“BWAHAHAHAHA!!!” His abrupt, boisterous laughter disrupts your thoughts. “Had your fill of the scenery yet?” he says, sounding gruff and animated. “I can’t fault you. I’m an interesting sight.” He smiles at his own comment, and you can make out a round nose, a round head, the burgeoning muscles on his shoulders that make his torso look too big for his body.

Stronk Boi, Happy Wife






"Nice to meet you! While it may not be that obvious, this one’s an Archer. If you want something blown to bits from a distance, I bet you’ll find few as reliable as me. Or I can just slam them with my bare fists.” The man extends his hand, welcomes you, and tells his story.

Compact Lore

Orion was a giant huntsman who Zeus or Artemis (sources vary) placed among the stars as a constellation. There are many legends about him, but his relationship with the Artemis is consistent throughout them all.

As for his actual personality and actions…they aren’t exactly the best. They never come from outright malice but he gets into trouble regardless.

Some Fate Trivia:

  • Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting and fertility, and also Orion’s lover, unintentionally killed Orion with an arrow to the head while swimming in a lake. (According to Apollo’s scheme.) Grieving, Artemis tried to revive him but failed; instead, Orion transcended to the heavens to become a constellation. This act is depicted in his Noble Phantasm, Artemis Agnos.

  • Orion wears a belt embedded with glowing spots reminiscent of the three brightest stars in this constellation: the Mintaka (Delta Orionis), the Alnilam (Epsilon Orionis), and the Alnitak (Zeta Orionis). Thus, he is the Bowman of the Three Stars.

  • Orion’s large physique is in reference to his original myth. As the son of the Greek sea god Poseidon, and Euryale, daughter of Minos, King of Crete (not to be confused with the Gorgon sister), he is commonly depicted as a giant huntsman wielding a club. In some sources, he belongs to the race of giants, and he’s depicted with several individuals resting on his shoulders during his various journeys.

  • On Crete, he impressed Artemis with his hunting skill. Their companionship led to multiple hunting bouts where Orion never missed his prey. Boastful and proud, Orion claimed to be able to kill every beast in existence. Gaia, seeing this as a threat, sent a giant scorpion to kill him. Orion survived, but the scorpion’s poisonous tail injured him. (Some ancient texts cite this wound for his eventual death.) In the constellation Scorpius’s presence, the constellation Orion vanishes, and in Scorpius’s absence, Orion shines the brightest.

“I did say I’m an archer, didn’t I?” He fusses with his chin, deep in thought. “I use my fists and club more than my bow? Don’t sweat the small stuff! I’ll tell you more about the woodworks of my hunting prowess!”

The Big Slam. The Archer class is really made up of Archers!~

Superhuman Orion hits HARD. He’s able to destroy everything with Buster crits that hit above NP levels of damage just by his own steroids. Let’s look at his kit:

  • Brute’s Arm B+ is a solid damage amp, favoring burst play with its 50% buster buff and 50% power mods versus Wild Beast and Demonic enemies, all for 1 turn.

  • Force of the Moon Goddess EX gives him a more stable 3-turn 20% attack up and some on-demand stars that enable better probability crits. It comes with a Guts, too, as a passable survival option.

  • Bowman of the Three Stars A+ is the starpull skill that completes his repertoire of crit-based tools. Its unique mechanic stacks 100% crit buffs (before damage) whenever he uses a Buster card. With his triple-Buster deck, this means his final Buster card in a BBB chain could hit 300% total crit up…just from this one skill.

  • Artemis Agnos: Moon Goddess’ Innocent Affections, which symbolizes Orion’s lore, is a self-buffing NP. It helps his damage output with a 3-turn 50% Attack buff and a 100% Crit damage buff that scales with overcharge. It also generates stars for 3 turns, which he needs to be more self-sufficient. Meanwhile, the built-in Ignore Invincible means nothing escapes getting hit. To top it off, Orion also gets debuff immunity.

  • Orion has excellent internals; his Arts card is stacked and he’ll gen a lot of meter from an ABB brave chain. Plus, he crits a lot.

  • Masters need to feed Superhuman Orion a constant stream of stars. He’s an excellent solo servant; in teams, his best partners are Merlin, Waver, Hans, and the upcoming Himiko.

  • Orion’s materials aren’t bad for a limited SSR. Masters will have plenty of crystals after the Xmas 5 lotto, proofs are easy to farm, and so are arrowheads. The new star fragment material might be difficult if you decide to raise Europa at the same time, but we’ll receive ~24 of them just from clearing the main quest.

He smiles again. “I guess that’s about it. I could tell you more, but it might be nice to know the other interesting characters here too. We’ll have more time to catch up later!” Then he shoos you away, right into the path of another member of the crew.

Mochizuki Chiyome, Cursed Kunoichi of Orochi


The next voyager is a small woman, black hair with black bandages covering her otherwise naked body, including her left eye. You notice trails of scars lacing her body, but you try to not look too much.

Best Ninja Snek






As you make your way towards her, you notice her movements are very slow and precise, almost like a snake. “Greetings,” she said, her tone calm and level. “I’m an Assassin. I’ll do my best to scope out any danger before it even reaches us.” Earnest words.

There’s a pause. “Could you not stare too much at my scars?" You break out of your small trance. Embarrassed, you try to apologize. Before you can, you hear a burst of loud laughter from across the hull, the mountain of a man from before. The girl in front of you crosses her arms, clearly annoyed. “Setting that aside, let me tell you about myself and how I can be of use on this voyage”.

Compact Lore

Mochizuki Chiyome was a 16th-century noblewoman and poet known for creating a group of female ninja (or Kunoichi) at the request of Takeda Shingen, one of her late husband’s uncles.

Said group was comprised of many disenfranchised women, such as prostitutes and war orphans, all trained in roles ranging from information brokers, assassins, and shrine maidens which gave Shingen a tremendous advantage during the war in the Sengoku period. But after his mysterious death in 1573, Chiyome vanished from all records, leaving her fellow kunoichi to live out the rest of their days with relatively normal lives.

As a Servant, she stands before you willing to do anything to complete the mission. Her body is a blade in your service, but even the finest of blades need some care to reach their full potential.

Some Fate trivia:

  • Chiyome trained her agents to work as Miko (shrine maidens) so they could travel without suspicion. But it’s likely they were all capable of using some form of witchcraft just like she could, thanks to being a Shinano Priestess.

  • Due to her curse, she’s developed an incredible fear of anyone related to Orochi. Given how Shuten is a child of the serpent-god, she stands at the top of that list, along with someone else…

  • Though they have no relation in lore, in FGO Chiyome and Orochi are connected through Kouga Saburou. In his folktale, Kouga was searching for his lost wife in Mount Tateshina, only to emerge as either a snake or dragon, depending on the source. Here, Orochi was the cause of his curse, and Chiyome, as his descendant, inherited it.

  • Her Noble Phantasm, Kuchiyose - Ibuki Daimyoujin Engi lets her use the curse to her advantage, borrowing some divine power to summon an aspect of Orochi as the deity of Mt. Ibuki.

She may act quiet and demure, but she can hold her own in battle.

Daggers and Posion are Chic

Chiyome has been out for 2 years now, but here’s a quick refresher on her kit:

  • As an Arts Assassin, Chiyome has excellent internals and solid skills. She has great NP recursion, even before Castoria, and in high-end 4060 Waver/Tamamo teams she can reliably loop her NP and lock down her enemies. What Chiyome lacks is damage. Unfortunately, NA won’t get her NP interlude until about April 2023.

  • Curse (Shrine Maiden) C is an NP seal on a 5-turn cooldown. This feels a little dated; similar skills like Tamamo’s S1 and Sherlock’s S1 have an extra effect for the same cooldown. That said, NP seal is always a valuable utility to have and the cooldown is reasonable, so this is a good, if simple, skill.

  • Curse of the Orochi B is Chiyome’s only steroid. It’s a 3-turn 30% Arts buff that also inflicts a small Curse debuff on the enemy when normal attacking. The curse is for flavor, but free damage is free damage. You’ll want to use this to boost her NP gain on Arts crits and boost her NP damage and refund. On a short 5-turn cooldown, this is a nice performance boost.

  • Kogaryou A is a 30% battery coupled with a dodge on a 6-turn cooldown. In context, the cooldown feels a little unfair; she lacks the big damage buffs or other utility (like buff removal or ignore invuln) that a modern servant would also have on a skill like this. That said, hard survival and batteries are always welcome.

  • Kuchiyose - Ibuki Daimyoujin Engi is a 5-hit ST Arts NP that refunds 15.6% just with Chiyome’s in-kit buffs. Against Riders, her favored enemy type, that’s 17.16%. The NP applies skill seal and crit chance down, meaning it’s especially good against servants with high hit-counts because it helps the team with passive NP gain. After its buff, it applies the Evil Curse debuff, which doubles the Curse damage enemies receive; however, doesn’t meaningfully contribute to Chiyome’s DPS.

  • Chiyome’s Arts cards are on the low end of average, clocking in a 1.6% each. Her Quick cards are also a little undertuned, coming in with 3 hits each; along with only a 4-hit Extra, Chiyome’s hitcounts feel low across the board, especially for an Assassin who wants to gen stars. Therefore, her ideal supports run some form of passive stargen. Hans is a great support for her as he provides Atk, Healing, Crit up, and Stargen buffs. Likewise, Nero Bride can push her damage, NP refund, stargen, and heal. Tamamo, as always, works wonderfully. Once Castoria arrives, Chiyome becomes an NP-spamming monster.

  • As a 4* Assassin with an uninterluded NP but good recursion, Chiyome wants Black Grail to patch up her damage. Painting Summer is good as always, as is a hybrid CE like At Trifas that provides NP gain, stars, and crit damage. Magical Girl of Sapphire is another standout choice if you have it MLB.

  • At NP1, Chiyome is unimpressive. But at higher NP levels and with maxed skills, Chiyome performs quite well. She’s a welcome spook, even if her material requirements (stingers, claws, and 40 dust per skill) are pretty gross.

You apologize again to the small kunoichi, but she shrugs you off with a smile. “I was testing you,” she says. “Don’t worry. You pass.”

With that, you turn to the final member of the crew—at least, of those in the hull.

Mandricardo, Rêve de Durandal


The next person you encounter is near the captain’s cabin. He stands only 5’6" (171 cm) tall, a sour expression on his face, a streak of white through his hair, a lazy eye, a wooden stick slung across his shoulder. You raise an eyebrow at that.

Best Boi






“I’m a Rider,” he says, more out of obligation than anything. Then, glancing about, he adds, “I’m the kind of person that has trouble going to restaurants when I remember the feeling of ordering. So don’t depend on me too much, okay?”

Compact Lore

Mandricardo is a hero from the epic poems Orlando innamorato and Orlando furioso, which are both a part of the Carolingian Cycle, sometimes called the Matter of France. He acquired Hektor’s old armor and set out to acquire Durandal, Hektor of Troy’s old sword.

He was arrogant when he was alive, a trait only bolstered by the armaments he’d collected. But then he was defeated in battle by Bradamante’s lover, Ruggiero, and his outlook on life changed.

The Mandricardo we meet here has fallen from grace. Jaded, unsure of himself, he lives in a dark place, in constant recognition of our fragile existence.

Some Fate trivia:

  • His favored sword, Durandal, was indeed once Hektor’s. Sources are conflicted on whether it was originally a sword of a lance that was reforged by Wayland the Smith (the fictional Senji Muramasa of Western medieval folklore). Sources are also conflicted on whether or not it was ever wielded by the Amazoness Queen Penthesilea.

  • The Mandricardo summoned with us does not have Durandal; instead, he makes do with a simple wooden sword. However, due to his Noble Phantasm, Serment de Durandal, he is able to channel Durandal’s power into whatever weapon he currently wields. However, the durability of his wooden sword is…questionable.

  • He has another sealed noble phantasm, although not even his master will receive knowledge of it upon its summoning. It seems certain conditions have to be met before he is capable of wielding it…

Seriously, you think, appraising him while he looked rather disinterestedly to the side, avoiding eye contact.

Understandably, you’re not brimming with confidence at this point. That Archer guy seemed strong and the Assassin was, thankfully, a coolheaded person. But this guy? He seems like a total dud, not even confident in himself. What is he doing here, then?

Then again, you’re not very remarkable yourself. A nobody with no particular skills that just so happened to be at the right time and money. Cash being your only contribution.

Extending the benefit of the doubt to this fellow might be in order.

Coolness and anxiety in equal measure

The core of Mandricardo’s skills amounts to general “fire-and-forget” performance boosts. Overall, he’s a solid ST Arts Rider and plays like a modern Ushiwakamaru for Arts teams. Great addition to the f2p pool and a solid pickup for masters who missed Ryouma.

  • Armor of the Nine Worthies A is a specialty Charisma (which is really just Morph + Charisma); this is a nice, all-around performance boost, but in practice it just makes him feel more like a 4* unit at base than a 3* unit.

  • Bragliadoro’s Bray A buffs his most important cards (Arts/Quick) and also provides a taunt, allowing him to protect his allies and also cash in one some defensive NP gain.

  • The Instant Before the Strike C is a gimmick skill. That said, it’s quite useful in flights like the Gugalanna CQ where you want your first DPS to bow out as soon as their job is done. In exchange for a single-hit Hero Creation (+50% ATK, +100% Crit), Mandricardo removes defensive buffs from his target and then applies [Death] to himself, letting him Arash out to the next servant. Unfortunately, such a powerful skill has limiters: he can only use this when he’s at 50% health or less.

  • Mandricardo’s NP, Serment de Durandal A, gives him a pre-cast tri-card boost and it refunds well; with 0.86% NP gain and 40% in-kit arts boosts, you’re looking at a base refund of 14.45%. Against his favored Caster enemies, that boosts to a respectable 17.34%; he’s quite capable of looping his ST NP with some help from supports and crits, much like other 3* servants Euryale and Robin Hood.

  • Mandricardo has workable internals. 0.86% NP Gain with 2-hit Arts cards and 3-hit Quicks means his NP gain is slightly above average for his deck; in practice, he’ll gain meter at a similar pace as Robin Hood. He scales well with Castoria and has uniquely good synergy with Black Grail since its demerit helps him safely activate The Instant Before the Strike.

  • All told, he has unusually high NP steroids for a F2P servant, with 20% ATK and 40% Arts up between his skills; with his S2 active, that goes to 70% ATK up. This means that Mandricardo’s NP damage will almost always be good, and in the rare case where his S2 is active, it’ll be excellent.

  • Mandricardo is uniquely capable as a point servant in rotating DPS teams. Otherwise, he functions well as the sole DPS in Arts teams. Castoria will be his best partner, but he works well with our existing Arts supports like Lanling, CasGil, and Tamamo. Servants who can stack defense like Hans, Bride, Waver, and Mash also mesh with Mandricardo and make him incredibly tanky. His gameplay is simple: buff his Arts cards, use passive stargen for crits, and loop his NP.

  • Since he has a low base ATK, Mandricardo wants a full ATK CE. Holy Night Supper is a good pick for him because as a Rider, he’ll crit often (assuming there are stars coming from his supports) and he has no native source of NP Strength Up. Otherwise, Painting Summer is reliable for the recursion it allows, and Black Grail will push his damage in high-end comps. Of course, old standbys like Golden Sumo, Formal Craft, and Magical Girl of Sapphire are also excellent choices.

  • Mandricardo’s material asks are normally gross but masters should have plenty of chains from the GilFest 2 lotto. Everybody should have a superabundance of horns, and crowns—the new LB5.1 silver material—are easy to come by. Only dust (and possibly medals, for ascension) is likely to be a roadblock and that’s easy enough to farm.

  • As a 3* Rider with solid internals, good steroids, but middling stats, Mandricardo really benefits from grails and gold fous to patch up those stats. If you love him, he’ll serve you well.

The captain is no longer on the deck—he must have scurried away while you were meeting with the crew. You ask Rider, who nods towards the cabin. The cabin door is battered like the rest of the ship, but you knock anyway. "Enter,” you hear the captain say, sounding far more somber than before.


His cabin is full of memorabilia: an open chest contains a rusty ax with a small line of gold still visible on the blade. There’s a quiver on the floor with four arrows next to a broken bow. A large staff rests a little haphazardly atop the line mirror that hangs on the walls. Empty beakers and shattered test tubes litter a corner. A white and gold spear—or at least what’s left of one—is tossed on one of the corners. In the middle of it all, the captain stands in front of the window, his face solemn, tenderly holding a small necklace. “What did you think of the crew?"


You want to say that they weren’t what you had in mind, but something in the captain’s new solemnity advises you otherwise. You say they were better than what you’d expected.

“Good to hear. They aren’t my old crew but we’ll get the job done.” You notice him turning the necklace over in his hands. “It belonged to someone I knew a long time ago," he says as he lowers his head. "We loved each other, but we also hurt each other quite a lot. It was an eternal cycle of betrayal and hatred. But then it ended, and I was devastated.”


He clears his throat and raises his head. “Don’t get me wrong, she was a witch in every sense of the word, but…she didn’t deserve what she got. What I did to her. Especially not for a dream that now stands broken in pieces.” He hid the necklace in his pocket. “I just hope she’s better. Wherever she is.” You nod, unsure of how to react.


“Sorry about that," he says. “This room brings back memories. Not exactly good ones, but I wouldn’t trade them. I’m just stubbornly dumb.” He tries to feign more of earlier cheer. “It’s time to set sail, my friend,” he says, and with a gleam in his eye, he rushes out of the cabin, onto the deck, racing for the wheel.

Day a Deity’s Down I ~BATTLE 11~ (Lostbelt 5.1 Battle Theme) [Fate/Grand Order OST]

“Let the Argo rise again!" He yells at the top of his lungs. "These may not be our glory days, but a broken ship is still a ship! So let’s set sail and make some legends!” He’s trying to convince himself with his own speech. But if it ain’t broke…

On second thought, you hope that’s not how this tale ends.





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