Lostbelt 5.2 (Olympus) leak

Hey guys here’s a leak for the upcoming lb5.2 with a ton of content about servants, enemies, etc. remember to take this with a grain of salt and also it has some spoilers about the story so be careful


    • Tamamo Vichi@humanoid form Berserker
    • Tamamo Vichi@After transformation Berserker

This doesn’t make much sense, Tamamo Vitch is an Alter-Ego (and there’s also an assassin version I think?) Why would she be a Berserker both times?

About Dioscuri (Castor-Pollux) i wonder if only one of them that would appear on screen like Anne-Mary… or both of them like Artemis-Orion or Ryouma-Oryou

Maybe berserkerfication? Madness Enhancement is a powerful thing that can be tossed on anyone.

Story Spoilers

Vitch is kinda a mercenary working for the Alien God, her loyalty is uncertain. Her main goal is to become a different existence from Tamamo (Amaterasu) and Olympus is a perfect place for her to do so.

-We’re finally getting playable Caenis and they are only 4*? I kind of find that hard to believe.
-Great VA choices for Dioscuri (the VA for Rikka from Chuunibyou and her little brother).
-The real question though is when can I summon Captain Memo.

The situation was a bit different but the only time we’ve fought one of the Alien God’s Alter Ego disciples before they were Caster class.

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FGO Part 2 Cosmos in the Losbelt: Losbelt 5 Part 2? :fgo_grampsnani:

I thought that blonde dude was destroyed already and Camelot was next.


Blonde dude wiped our asses solo so we’re back for revenge. Basically Endgame


Tana virch was teased as an assasin in one of the pv’s but she’s most likely the beast that orion was supposed to fight so maybe is just part of her transformation idk

Lb 6 is Britain, this still the 5th lostbelt, part 1 was Atlantis now part 2 is Olympus

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