Lostbelt No. 1: Permafrost Empire, Anastasia AP costs

Just did the math for the upcoming Lostbelt chapter (source: Cirnopedia). Here’s the AP breakdown:

Main quests (22 sections): 878 AP
Free quests (14 quests, one unlockable): 873 AP

So it should take just a little over 3 days to finish the main quests – just enough to finish over the weekend. For those who haven’t finished the EOR free quests, that means you’ll have about 3.875 days of 1/2 AP event left after finishing Lostbelt 1, since the event expires on April 2nd, 9:00 PM PST.

Feel free to double check the math in case I made a boo-boo!


Hey, thanks.

Way to step up and math it out. I was wondering this but too lazy,

Thanks @jokersan4 - saves me from having to check all the AP costs myself! I hope you don’t mind that I’ll add it to the walkthrough as per usual.

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No problem! I wasn’t expecting to do any work (I thought I could Google it up somewhere, but couldn’t find it), but I needed to know what sort of leeway I had on one of my alts for EoR free quests if I went straight to Lostbelt.

Looking forward to the walkthrough!

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oh dear, i was not expecting LB1 this early…
was expecting 1 April.


Yes, fun stuff, lol. We’re caught with our pants down regarding bosses. But I’ll try to put everything asap. Just eating some breakfast, but at least all the new Servants are placed/explained and in.

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Sizzle the forever overworked mod of gp

No roll so not too bothered by the new servants.
Gotta complete it fast to start farming for 10/10/10 skadi skill materials though.

A question, since i am working and cant play FGO.

How many maintenance Sqz?

Anastasia is full or mainstory is time gated?

Main chapters aren’t time gated.

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4, +13 from livestream on the day before. So a total of 17.

Good… then maybe i will try a yolo roll