Lots of questions from new player

Good day,
Wandered off here from the FGO-section of the GP community, picked up Epic 7 for experiment and ended up quite enjoying the game on the downtime from FGO. After playing it for a day, looked through the Q&A and guides-sections of the main site, but still have a number of questions left unanswered. Sorry if these are all silly questions or were already asked before, the game’s system is a bit too overwhelming for a new player.

  1. The resources, what to save for what purpose? There’s plenty of them: moonstones, runes, ancient stones, dusts, conquest points, friendship points, bookmarks etc. I understand that moonstones and mandragoras are some of the most valuable ones, but…
    Is there anything worthwhile I should be saving specific resources for or something I should try to buy out periodically? For instance, I have somewhere between 700 and ~1000 moonstones at the moment. What to do with those? Convert to bookmarks?

  2. Nvm, the rate up is over.

  3. Does this game have something like Story-locked banner in FGO, where your pool of possibly summonable characters expands the more you progress in the story? Basically, should I hold off on summoning new characters until finishing adventure mode or is the majority of the cast available from the beginning?

  4. 4-5 star ticket or galaxy bookmarks? Those seemed to cost equally much in the shop, but is one more beneficial than the other?

  5. Is there some way to reduce skill cooldowns? By enhancing them, I suspect? The skill descriptions only seem to mention damage/healing changes on level up, not cooldown changes.

  6. I still cannot understand how phantasmals work even after reading in-game info and the GP guide :(. These come already at lvl max/20 and the like. Are you actually supposed to take those out to battle to help raise other characters faster or can they be used for character enhancement as is?
    Currently have about 8 of those of varying rarity saved up, since their mechanic was too obscure to understand.

That’s it for now, thanks for taking the time to read through my questions. I’d appreciate it if someone could answer some (if not all) of these questions.

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  1. Moonstones are basically SQ cause you convert them into bookmarks which are used for summoning.
    For things you should always buy out are mologoras/mologoras seeds and covenant bookmarks.

  2. No story locked banners. What you see is what you get.

  3. I would choose galaxy bookmarks over 4-5 star ticket. I rather have a shot at a moonlight hero over a regular 5 star hero.

  4. Certain skills have cooldown reduction, some don’t. You can see which one does and does not in the skill enhance page. These cost mologoras.

  5. Phantasmals are used for character enhancement. For example you need 5 5 star phantasmals to upgrade a character from 5 star to 6 star. 4 4 star phantasmal to upgrade them from 4 star to 5 star. Etc. etc

So generally you promote your phantasmal first. Take em out to level. Once they hit max level again, promote them again. You then use these to promote your 4/5 star heroes.


I am in the same boat, thanks for the advice on the phantasmals since the game does not explain what these are used for at all.

I am also a new player, and I am wondering about gear. Is epic gear the best deal or do bonuses like attack/effect resistance/crit chance matter more in PVE?

I do not really care about the arena as free-to-play. I think I will pull more for waifus than utility and power.

I might be wrong about it with just 1 week of game xp, but here are my 2 cents anyway.

To my modest knowledge, epic gear is as high as it can get in terms of rarity, if you exclude hero exclusive equipment. From what I noticed, gear level and (sub) stats matter quite a bit more than rarity. Have a look at this page for more info, if you haven’t seen it yet: https://gamepress.gg/epicseven/equipment-guide