Lottery Event: Santa Altera vs Da Vinci rerun

The Da Vinci event gives an extra 43 apples and New Years gives out another 20, so even if you use up every single apple during the Christmas event, you’ll get 63 apples in between, so I wouldn’t worry too much about conservative apple spending for the Christmas event.


I’m going to use as many apples as I can on Christmas for the secret gems. But based on the high HP thresholds making 3T iffy on my F2P account and the time of year and that I couldn’t even get though 100 apples at nerofest, I’ll still have plenty for DaVinci’s lottery. And with lower hp bosses and a drop ce with starting gauge I’m likely to be able to go through more apples then.

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I try to get “as much as I can”. Yeah, it’s vague, but you can’t completely dismiss real life. Especially in Christmas, when family wants to gather together and whatnot.

I managed to farm like… 110 boxes during Nerofest, I think?

I’d like to farm much less for Christmas, because the grind becomes cancerous really early, but I do need the mats, so I’ll suck it up and do it. I’d be fine with 50 boxes, probably. That’s about the minimum amount I feel comfortable with, but I’ll push myself to get as close to 100 as possible because it’s really easy to regret things once you see you’re still short on skill gems.

I might take it easier with Da Vinci’s event because, for better or worse, I’m already stacked on most of the materials it provides, and I already have more monuments I’d ever need. Of course, this can all easily change if I get a new servant, all the more with a GSSR so close by.

Xmas has skill gems.

It’s also difficult to farm so I really doubt you’ll chew through all your apples

Da Vinci and New Year’s also give a lot of apples

Which one hard to farm?
As long the last wave is servant, I think Gil can handle them, or at least reduce their HP to comfortable 3-4 turn.

Girl, you are in for a rude awakening

ah thanks for the links

I’m honestly likely more than plenty stocked on gems, for at least until gilfest happens next year. then some like caster and rider, probably for even past where jp server currently is

meanwhile, I need so many of the non-pieces/monuments/pages mats from the da vinci lotto, that it isn’t even funny

I also need a lot of those Da Vinci mats

Xmas has fluids which I am in dire need of (Hijikata, Saber Fran, Moriarty…)

tbh, I’ll probably still try to go for 30-50+ christmas3 boxes, at minimum. sanity willing

but da vinci will be hardcore farming as much as I can manage

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I’d like 100 boxes on Christmas- but the event is time gated, so that makes it hard. Still, now that I have every servant at a minimum of 4/4/4 anything would be nice just for future needs- while also gathering seeds, lanterns and babies.

Now, the da Vinci rerun- hot damn I’m going to hit that like it owes me money. If possible at all (heck, I’m in a position where I might even take off work to do it) 150-200 boxes for those bones, dust and pages and try for 100+ of the other- octuplets crystals and dragon fangs (level up some Artorias huh?).

Also, sweet, sweet QP to then burn on skills.

I love lotteries.

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Counterfeit easily. I had a lengthy post written up specifically on why I’m taking Christmas easy, but am on mobile so it’s harder to find rn.

Are you even allowed to take off work for such a reason lol

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ah please write it when you can use your computer
I’m happy to wait for your opinion

Hey, the beauty of my job is I can take off as much unpaid time as I want, and long as I tell them in advance. Still, since I only work 20, 25 hours I could just not do anything with people while going to work- IDK, the basics are I’m going to murder my thumbs playing for a week one way or the other.

heh… I hope I can do the same for previous xmas rerun
Failed to get 5th copy HNS and clear 10th box because I’m too busy recently

Go all out to both like the degenerates that we’ve become.

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Found my post: Xmas Lotto Prep

Number 2 is heavily subjective based on ones roster and current/future priorities, but I feel the rest quite strongly. Counterfeit is hilariously easy bc of its 50% charge lottery CE even on a budget (cf. Spartacus to clear W3 of the lottery node), and while my gems will be at a shortage until future lotteries, they are all remarkably easier to no life given QoL improvements we get and can plan around b/w now and Sep. Why bother going hard on such a frustrating, obnoxious event to min-turn, when I can be patient for others? Heck, I even have Parvati right now. If I roll Skadi Christmas is a fire gone conclusion of a silly easy farm.

E: Also my suspicion about Thanksgiving was correct lol.

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Da Vinci lottery is easily the superior one for me. Has the mats i want and it’s easier.
I’d do 80 boxes at best in Christmas, but that will depend heavilly on how irritating and a slog it will be.

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Yeah, but Da Vinci has both bones and dust, so it wins by default.

Granted, it depends on if your priority is general materials (in which case, handily Da Vinci) or class materials (which, since monuments/pieces are actually rarer than not-secret gems, it’s a toss-up).

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