Lottery Event: Santa Altera vs Da Vinci rerun

Found my post: Xmas Lotto Prep

Number 2 is heavily subjective based on ones roster and current/future priorities, but I feel the rest quite strongly. Counterfeit is hilariously easy bc of its 50% charge lottery CE even on a budget (cf. Spartacus to clear W3 of the lottery node), and while my gems will be at a shortage until future lotteries, they are all remarkably easier to no life given QoL improvements we get and can plan around b/w now and Sep. Why bother going hard on such a frustrating, obnoxious event to min-turn, when I can be patient for others? Heck, I even have Parvati right now. If I roll Skadi Christmas is a fire gone conclusion of a silly easy farm.

E: Also my suspicion about Thanksgiving was correct lol.

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Da Vinci lottery is easily the superior one for me. Has the mats i want and it’s easier.
I’d do 80 boxes at best in Christmas, but that will depend heavilly on how irritating and a slog it will be.

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Yeah, but Da Vinci has both bones and dust, so it wins by default.

Granted, it depends on if your priority is general materials (in which case, handily Da Vinci) or class materials (which, since monuments/pieces are actually rarer than not-secret gems, it’s a toss-up).

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Da Vinci Lottery for me, easy.

It has more mats that I am in desperate need of a large supply of, and it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier to farm.

I’ll be content hitting 50 boxes from Xmas 3, maybe more if I can manage it with the time constraints and such.

Da Vinci for me. Easier to farm, and more desirable mats. I have so much gems stocked up from Nerofest but not enough mats to spend them. I will take it easy during Christmas and save most of my apples.

Depending on how hard you no-life lottos, we are only getting about 53 gapples between Christmas lotto and Da Vinci lotto, that’s honestly not a lot for me and can be gone in the blink of an eye.

I mean I know that pieces/monuments are like useless overstocked trash, but gems are still in practically any other lottery too. worst off is you’d just be waiting until gilfest next year

meanwhile mats have few that repeat across boxes, so there’s more a potential loss via passing on certain mats vs passing on gems for a brief time

Yeah, thinking back, the mats in Da Vinci event are, in fact, super valuable.
It’s just that my own roster doesn’t need them, for some reason, and that was probably warping my reasoning a priori.

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Hooray, I can’t do any of those comps aside from the F2P baseline one, despite very much not being F2P anymore and a good helping of Luck EX.

Because of all the classes, Archer is the only one I have left with a terrible roster of (Emiya, Nobu, and Robin are all I got in the way of damaging Archers. Euryale doesn’t count because she’s a unique case).

Mild curiosity, for fun, how many boxes you casually going for?

Euryale plenty counts. Men are reasonably common as bosses, her anti-Male steroids are always up, even after actively nerfing Mental Debuffs as a form of utility to make it so she doesn’t completely obliterate the game, she is still to this day in JP a top-tier anti-Male damage racer on a budget and trivializes such bosses so much to where low-rarity runners make a point of not running her. Yeah, she falls off outside her niche, but her niche is so easily and lucratively exploitable it basically doesn’t matter that much.

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@Tetragoner I am not sure tbh, mainly because I am not certain how busy I will be during the event period and I am also planning on trying out various stuff with the CQ which takes time that could be spent on grinding.

But at the barest minimum I plan to cover 50-60 boxes, because that’s the amount I covered in my first ever lottery in FGO and regression is not my cup of tea.

How about you? What’s your goal?

My goal was 50ish because that’s almost enough for an SSR, and while I’m not particularly hurting, Suddenly: Ishtar forced me to bump that up some so I guess 60ish? TBH 50 feels so low nowadays, but in the same turn I’m extremely not a fan of putting in excess/unnecessary effort with my FGO stuff (see: my putting off gem farm for BINY/Christmas, which’ll be dramatically chiller). Helps that I’m usually the one-and-done type with CQs, lol.

Nooot quite sure how busy I’ll be during Counterfeit (if I read my schedule right I unfortunately will be?), but my goal is at least 75/75, if I can hit 100/100 I’ll be happy.

Random rambling…speaking of BINY, BINY 2018 is one of my most look-forward lottery for NA because I can get CE EXP out of it from shops/drops. We need so much of those stuff and yet they are so rare, I wish one day DW will give us a lottery that allows us to farm CE EXP to our heart’s content (probably too good to be true).

Although BINY 2018 also has the strange case of the damage CE being in the random loot drop pool together with drop CE and CE EXP, meaning it is much harder to get drop CEs to drop. I heard horror stories from other servers of how people farmed 100+ boxes and still don’t have a single drop CE from rainbow chest.


Oh maaan that’s right, Dollar-Cent. Good God, yes, that is so fun to think about. If, yeah, I’ve heard far too many unfortunate cases of damage CE drops where 2018 goes which is decidedly not to my liking. At least 2019 spares that… at the cost of no potential CE XP drops. A real give-and-take, that…

I mean, Emiya is a poor man’s Ishtar, no?

Same here, though I’ve set my goal more firmly to ~50+ simply because I’m low on babies and lanterns.

Well, considering I already stocked up 110 gold and 80 silver apples and knowing how many additional apples we’ll get before/during DaVinci, I’ll just spend as many apples as my mind can take on Christmas.

That being said, the event is shorter and harder than NeroFest was and I “only” managed to spend ~80 gold and ~40 silver apples there, so I doubt I’ll even manage to spend much more than the 80 silver and maybe some 20-30 gold apples during Christmas, leaving plenty for DaVinci.
Honestly, by now I expect to have a double digit number of gapples left by the end of DaVinci, since I simply won’t have the time and mental endurance to spend them all, no matter how hard I may try.