Lotterys team

When will the next one be? And is there a good team for it, like how Seig was for one before

Around September. You can look up comps people used on JP if curious, and we’ll talk more about it here when it’s closer.

It would be best to put your questions in the General Support thread stickied at the top of the forums instead of starting a new thread for each question.


Next lotto is Shishoufest. Khadroth has a break down on what you can expect and what types of team comps you can run.


As Gou said, the next lotto will be in September. As for teams, Khadroth has videos showcasing several teams that are effective for each node in the event.


Oh wow, I had completely missed the rarity-based damage bonus. I already had a team for 3rd term legend without it but this clearly opens a bunch more doors oO

And I thought I couldn’t do anything stupider than using DCS to support two buster DPS. Freaking awesome!

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I like Khadroth’s videos. They explain stuff very well. But…but…I can never use those lotto vids. Stuff like Kscope and Castoria does not work for me when I don’t have them. In the end it’s either a comp someone from the GP posted or I’m making my own to make it work. Then again having 4-5T instead of 3T is totally fine with me as long as FGA can handle it.

Dat Anastacia NP3 (which I got) with Castoria hurts in da kokoro!


You don’t have a k-scope yet?

Nope, missing 2030 too. :fgo_badciv:
It’s like Mysty’s Black Grail curse. :fgo_morilaugh:

This game loves me and I love it back…with passion! :fgo_hokusaiwink:
Though it hurts me more when I don’t get the SSR than missing out on Kscope/2030.


The Skadi system is not very liniment, you need a kscope to work with it. I hope 7th any fixes that even it’s kind of too late.

What’s up with mysty and the black grail?

I complained before that I prefer spreadsheets to videos, but I actually watched most of this one. He did a good job.

Although these aren’t the only possible comps by any means, we can probably boil down the “ideal” structure for people who keep asking:

Lvl 90 node = anything you would normally loop with that works here

Lvl 90+ node = DCS Space Ishtar or other workable big-battery AoE refund Arts attacker + ST Servant that can clear the wave 2 enemy and contributes some utility if needed


5 years of playing and no Black Grail.


My blessing was a partial misfire. She got her Castoria this year and the last copy of Heaven’s Feel she needed for MLB, but not BG.


Impressive. :fgo_robinstare:

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The biggest thing I got from it was the MC, I was not even considering it but since I watched that I’ve already taken 2004 to level 10. He has 2 additional videos with more team comps but I don’t think it’s necessary to watch those.

Lvl 90+ node planning also serves a reminder of how we can 6-slot irregular FQs with the help of Appends. NP levels certainly help.

If you ever wanted to use Dioscuri for farming the lvl 80 egg+feathers node, for example, you can put them to work with some help from everyone’s Da Vinci!

To simulate a lotto setup, I moved the lvl 100 Foumes to a support. Not everyone will have NP5, 20% Append Vinci and Dioscuri sitting around, but this is another example of how mixed DPS teams can work for this kind of 2/1/x node.

Ya, I thought 2004 was 2030 but found out later that he meant the MC which is probably what I will try to level after this event. If I remember it, lol.

The 2 additional videos are about the other 2 rounds errrr…nodes. There are 3 different nodes appearing at different periods kinda like with gilfest last year. So it’s different comps based on the enemy classes e.g. video 2 shows that in first round of 90+ Circe would be best against the assassin.


Only 4.5 years… Gotta wait until December to claim 5 years if BG still doesn’t come home

Back to the lottery nodes… The dude in the video was complaining about the lottery CE. Buster up and guts… You know, that sounds like the perfect combination! :fgo_arashsmile:

Now I just need to design a comp where my should be 104 grailed Arash can wipe the last wave and stand proudly proclaiming his victory lines without needing to bring along a doctor! It’s going to be brilliant!


I think I have three irregular party templates that should cover the 90+ nodes.

The last variant is specifically for the annoying 1/3/2 Assassin node that includes a 200k HP Swimsuit Ushi. Nero’s s3 given to AA will ensure he punches through cleanly. I need to raise her Append if I want to commit to this, though.

Space Ishtar and AA both have 20%, or this wouldn’t work.

Fixed the top one to account for party cost. Mash, you have a job!


I have to do the maths, but with that juicy 50% powermod that 1* servants get… I bet for the 1/3/2 assassin node it can be cleared with
W1 Circe or sanzang
W2 anyone with at least 70% self battery (nitocris, paracelsus, avicebron, DaVinci with ml)
W3 super+ Arash topped off by 50% charger of choice

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