Lotterys team

Yeah, wave 2 is a super-low bar.

For the first wave, Circe is very potato, but I didn’t account for the 4* event bonus, so she might do the trick. Will go check again.

Edit: with the 8% Buster Up from non-MLB lotto CE and her DEF Down, it works (NP5, no grails). She also gets x1.1 attribute advantage.


My Circe recently spooked to np5 so ought to be just as good as what my np1 sanzang could provide without needing ml maxed


The end result was that I gave Nero that 20% Append and might let Circe out of the dungeon for variety. The big-battery 0% refunders are about to get some love again.


Just fine with me! I love my big battery servants!


I’ll just be using Medea + Castoria/Waver and borrowing Seiba for the 90+ on the third round.

If there’s a Salter banner before I can get her to NP3 and have the whole comp by myself and can just borrow whatever.


Just watched Khadroth’s breakdowns, I didn’t know the drop differences between the 90-90+ nodes so that’s good info.

First round:
I’ll probably have to stick to DSS NP2 Dantes on the 90 node because the 90+ looks a bit hairy.
I’m interested to see how S.Kiara goes on this node because mine has her damage up against casters append unlocked so the Valkyries might be the only issue.

Second round:
I literally just rolled Sanzang so I should be able to tackle the 90+ node, I also have an NP1 Circe so I could swap her in depending on party cost but it might be more dicey.
I do have DaVinci caster, only at NP1 but she is Lv100 so she might manage it, otherwise I could try the Sieg comp.

Third round:
I’ll probably have to go with the 90+ Medea/Artoria Comp, my Artoria is only NP1 so it might not work, I have all the other components but I don’t like the idea of fishing for an NP2+ Artoria on support.
Might just have to card it down which will be fine.

Yanno… :fgo_anapout:

Source: Khadroth’s video.

I’m guessing you aren’t leveling any MCs right now. This should work well since you have Anastasia at NP5. You can always switch out Circe with Sanzang, though Circe only needs NP1. No appends and 6 event CE comp. :fgo_circehappy:
I’d do it but…glares at missing supporter. :fgo_mhxastare:

default 90 farm 6 slot team

Mushashi makes it easy to farm lottery bond on one SSR in the backline, which is now very high on my priority list.

first term 6 slot


Probably will default to 90 comp since this comp is kinda RNG on debuffs and Kiara wants NP3 to reliably kill Cu in 6 slot. And most importantly, it doesnt allow to farm bond on any SSR in the backline.

second term 6 slot


Sadly cost is a bit high with Castoria, Sieg & Circe, might also default 90 comp.

third term 6 slot


This is the 90+ i will definitely apple, finally Archuria is farming :fgo_seibasurf:

yes its all castoria, sue me


I think Archuria needs lored append for that
Because with all of double Castoria buffs she refunds only 75,98% (not counting OC effect). With 5 out of 6 Castoria buffs (minus one S2), she refunds ~59% (again not counting OC effect) → 59% + 20% (OC) + 20% (Castoria S2) = 99% rounded to 100%

Although I ran my calcs on NP3 lv100 fou2000 with lv100 CE (but I assumed your setup - so +charisma from salter), yours might be better/worse than that

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Ah true, i forgot to account for zerk refund mod :eyes:
She needs plug tama/append to loop here if only i had her at NP6

Looks like its Medea/Seiba for me as well

Yeah, Nastya is decent here at NP5, but she’s not a big bond target. I’m trying to keep my lotto comp as same-y as possible throughout so that I’m only swapping things around if I get really bored.

Edit: Space Ishtar could probably do the AoE parts alone in the same way, but being able to slot AA is nice, so we’ll see what ends up being the less annoying path to degeneracy.


Story banner :fgo_insane:

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Someone said Castoria banner? Same deal. You get nothing usable. :fgo_insane:

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Interestingly enough, invested high NP Vlad 3/Archuria/Sitonai could be used for both 90+ in Term 2 (waves 1 &3) & Term 3 (Wave 1 &2 , Vlad can also do 3 depending on face cards). It wont be efficient - Sieg/Anastasia do it faster for term 2, any aoe Saber + Medea will do it better at term 3. But if you want to use these units and dont care about 4th turn, its definitely possible to pull off rather reliably.

assuming you have Castoria ofc

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Assuming 10-20% Append for both attackers as needed for the comp, Space Ishtar w/DCS+ AA will 6-slot and 3T almost anything with enough potential refund in either of the first two waves.

Using the irregular egg+feather node again to illustrate.

The first wave is Casters, but only two of them. Space Ishtar’s Arts didn’t fail in this run, so that can be an issue if she misses by too much to recover up to 49% after passive regen.

I think the only 90+ lotto node that can’t be solved this way when you have some NP levels on one or both attackers is the final one, because 1/1/x.

Edit: forgot that I didn’t have to use AA’s s2, so even better. More charge for Space Ishtar if necessary.


wait, has nobody seriously started a scatfest lotto comps/doc thread yet?

also, isn’t the 90+ mixed waves node actually worse for lotto than the stndard 3/3/lol node just before it? since mixed currencies

it’s scatfest. get your mind out of the gutter

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I like memeing and there’s very little things that disgust me/I don’t feel like joking about, but I’m not going to call this event Scatfest. It’s both cringe and simply dumb


yes, ok, cool

however, consider that

  1. ‘scat’ isn’t exclusively a fecal-related term. so again, get your mind out of the gutter
  2. nobody asked you

Alright sir. Since nobody asked me for the rest of my post content’s either, I’ll delete it and refrain from further, unnecessary discussion in the future.