Lotto boxes, When should i use apples

Basically title, since theres gonna be quite a few lotto events i want to know which is probably most efficient to use apples for, even if its year away or so, i have raised and skilled most of my SSR and SR (the ones i use), so am not really rushing.

I am probably saving for skadi, i dont really know if farming specific mats matter since i have all the skadi mats apart from the ones that have not been released yet. But skadi isn’t the focus, just general mats. For other future servants and lower rarity servants.

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I think DaVinci is at least more efficient than this years’ christmas. Underworld Christmas node bosses have much higher HP, and there’s no damage bonus CE like during NeroFest, so running full bonus will be at least tedious. Besides, Fangs and Bones are amongst the most-needed mats in general, and DaVinci has both.
So out of the next two non-limited lotteries, I’d focus more on DaVinci.

After that, save apples and go ham on next Nero/GilFest next year.

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