Louvre All Node - Why is Elizabeth more tanky than Carmilla?

In Wave 2 of the Louvre Boss Rush - All Node, why is Elizabeth so much more tanky than Carmilla? They both have 54k-ish HP, but a Raikou NP(1) always hits Carmilla significantly harder than it does to Elizabeth.

Its because Eli have human attribute while carmilla have earth, so Raikou gets bonus damage thanks to her skill


Eli has more clothes.


Hahahah, but not by much. xP

it’s been answered already, so here’s a dumb comment:

eli has all those clothes and a dragon tail.

also here’s a vid to help you with the secrets of fgo that are hard to see.


Funny thing is I’ve already watched / listened to that video, but it did not occur to me in my Box-Induced Madness Enhancement.

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Why rubbish are you saying? It is common sense that in game female whose armor are more exposed has a higher defense. :rofl:

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