Love, Burn, Love, Burn, BurnBURNBURN! BURN! - Kiyohime Appreciation Thread

I couldn’t help myself. I just needed to create this thread.

Kiyohime was my first Servant with Bond 10 and my farming queen until then. Now I’m waiting impatiently for those Bond-flame-things to come to NA.

When I started JP, I made a rule not to grail Servants I already grailed in NA… But man, she’s so awesome, I’m sure to have her Bond 10 as well in JP very soon.
She also has those gorgeous animations in JP that made me fall for her even more.


I honestly think that Kiyohime lancer is the most underappreciated servant in the game. She has great stats, awesome hit counts on buster cards and madness EX on top of lancer class dmg modifier


Her Lancer form was my first lvl 100 grail and probably will end up being my first bond 10 too (currently at bond 8).

I have her berserker form grailed to 90 too, but don’t use her much outside of farming.

She is one of my favorite characters, bellow only Mash.

Wainting for arts of her that I still don’t have saved

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Shimosa costume when DW?


Realised that I could contribute with some arts as well.


As a fellow player who first servant to be grailed to 100 is Kiyo lancer as well, i have to say that i really liked her and since her arrive every archer is just melt down to ashes.


Always glad to meet another master of culture.


Kiyo Lancer’s NP is an absolute nuke. She’s my go-to ST Lancer unless I’m against a male (in which case I generally go with Tamamo Shark’s crotch-busting NP).


If those apreciation threads keep going
I shall make a scathach one lol…even tho i don’t have her…yet


My very first Berserker! :fgo_dshy:
Yandere snek has been with me for so long already. She might not get that much use lately with recent arrivals like Raikou and Pent. But before all that, she was my prime Berserker choice and one of the first Servants that received Fous and that I raised beyond first ascension.

To show some love, here’s some steamy late night ultra cute Kiyo Fanart:


She’s so cute and sweet. shame she’s like 14

I’ve grailed her summer form to 90 despite owning both Scathach and Tamamo, and I fully intend to grail Berserker Kiyohime once her animations get updated. I’d love to use her more often, but she’s bond 10 already (Berserker Kiyo that is.) I’m considering expanding her max bond to 11 as well when that becomes a thing in NA.

Now that I think about it, she’s the first servant I got to bond 10 as well.

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You don’t need an appreciation thread if she isn’t underrated or if noone trash talks her :joy:


@MUGI, it is your time.

My favorite story of Kiyohime is this:

After I beat the Orleans singularity and she says she’ll follow me home, you get her as a present in your gift box. Fine. I didn’t claim her in my Present Box right away and forgot about her, farming for something or leveling up a character. I decided to roll the gacha. My first roll after beating Orleans, there is Kiyo among the servants.

It was then I knew this was pure and true Harley Quinn love.

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im gona savor every bite :fgo_illya:


I’m pretty sure Hokusai neither of which. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bell is talking about scathach tho :joy:
You don’t need to make appreciation threads for those who are wildly popular

That’s what I’m getting at.
Hokusai IS very popular and still has an appreciation thread.

I mean I’m not forbidding it but I just don’t see the point.
Just like I don’t see the point of the Hokusai thread.

I love kiyo, despite all the AOE berserker I’ve leveled, she still has her place in my ember farming setup just because she’s so cute