Love, Burn, Love, Burn, BurnBURNBURN! BURN! - Kiyohime Appreciation Thread

Ironically she took a bite out of me one time.

…It wasn’t as lewd as you would imagine.

It won’t be an apprciation thread
It will be a temple where we pray for the goddess scathach sama


I want an np charge for kiyo’s skills

both kiyos

though speaking as a kiyo lover, what is with all the appreciation threads lately?

I mean I’m not super bothered by, but it does have me somewhat worried about thread clutter. especially when they’re for servants that aren’t gonna be in featured rate ups, either now or in the near future

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Thank you for the Kiyohime art. :fgo_buster:


We need that Shimosa costume ASAP.


I’d appreciate her more if the mean snek had actually come home after 240 SQ on her solo banner this Summer!


Not 100% sure but I may be to blame. I think the Astolfo one I made was the first. I just wanted to show off his new costume…

But anyways Kiyo is love. My number one goal for next year is to NP5 summer Kiyo.

Kiyo also gives the best Valentine’s gifts.

Show Kiyo love.


One of the best reddit threads if all time: The List Of Things Kiyohime Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Chaldea

Cirnopedia says 12. Age is just a number friend.


I’m legit not even sure how people get 12, when she’s also the same height as mash and only a tad bit lighter. who probably fits comfortably into the 15-17 estimation range

granted, I severely doubt kiyo’s 18+ to begin with either, but

she definitely played hard to get last year with me

though she came at np2, when she finally did decide to show

np5 someday, hopefully

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Next year is probably your last chance. It’s the last time she showed up in JP at least. And why was her rate up so bullshit? I got Tamamo NP2 before a single Kiyo showed up.

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I mean given they’ve started adding summer servants to non-summer events since then, she’ll probably have another chance further down the line, but still

side note: I really wish for banners with 3 rate up 4-stars, there were days with just 2 of them on rate up

would of loved for there to of been a kiyolancer+surmo day

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I think the 12 comes from real life lore where she’s either 12 or 16

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because we all know fate is totally 100% historically accurate with its servants


Well, in some versions of her legend, she was a widow, so in that case she would’ve been old enough to have previously been married.

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I would like to devote my lovely Kiyo to this thread too!PS_Messages_20191004_061557


My Heart

Im not even a Kiyo fan and I feel blessed.


Kiyo zerker almost 2k fou. Hyped. Will whale on next kiyo lancer banner for np5.


That’s me. I’m the lance in the picture