Love For Scathach

I love Scathach so much that i regret badly back when i did not get all of her ascension mats and the last copy of summer Scathach .Now she stuck at lvl 60 ,i used all the Fous to make her powerful but can only get her hp to about 10000 and her atk about 8500 . Feels really sad right now, Hope that the 1st summer event will get a 3rd rerun in Main Interlude like the Christmas Underworld event 3rd rerun.Have been waiting for so long…


This is a total tragedy



“What are you saying, Praetor. Hold that chin high and don’t despair. Roma wasn’t made in one day, and the muses didn’t compose their songs of love in a whim! Umu! She’ll come back to you because I will allow it. I’ll permit you to have at your side more beautiful women suited for my taste because I will allow it. Your Emperor has spoken.”

She will have the rerun in that interlude. Don’t worry. Just wait a few years.


Wow. I wish I could collect every version of her, lancer, assassin. That must be fun.

I’m so inspired! Umu’s words have touched me in much the same way as I would like Umu herself to touch me!

Years of writing office paperwork and learning the elegant words, not to mention being accustomed at her way of speaking after playing and reading most of her appearances has become easier over time to write simple stuff she would say.

Sadly, my artistic English still sucks, seeing some redundancies in some lines after reading it again. I blame language barriers but oh well, I will strive to improve again and again.


This has sorta become a Nero thread. Nice. :fgo_umu:

Don’t fret my friend! I’m sure she’ll be back in the future! ( I hope so because I never got her and she’s my last Scathach I need :fgo_jeannu: )


Every thread is a Nero thread. Most just haven’t realized it, yet.


I feel your pain. couldnt get summer sca due to final enemy (mechanical boar) being too powerful for my chaldea. Spent a year getting and maxing proto cu for his anti-beast damage. Since they did the rerun for christmas underworld theres a hope

Thanks a lot guys! I feel a lot better now.Im still using her in fights cuz she’s strong .I can wait however long for my loving Shishou.Someday i will definitely get her full ascension and full np5!


At least you have her.

I started playing back in September so I will (most likely) never know what it feels to have Summer Scathach. :fgo_lipburrito: