Low IVs worth using?

I am currently trying to build up my Pokemon to have really good teams for PVP and raids. Recently I caught a Machamp and a Shadow Pupitar, both of which are either considered amazing Pokemon or evolve into amazing Pokemon. The issue is the Machamp is 3/10/8 for IVs and the Pupitar is 9/15/11 for IVs. Since they aren’t 3/4 stars ranked, do I want to not use them/purify them to increase IVs, or are they still worth using?

PvE advice:

For the Champ, it depends what level it is. If it’s mid to high 20’s for more, it’ll do you just fine for now and will continue to be fine until you have 12 high IV fighting types. Certainly early doors, using anything high level, regardless of IV, to be competitive is a good way to go. These days, there’s a good few fighting types out there that are obtainable with different degrees of difficulty. Machop is a more common spawn these days, so if it’s low level, I’d probably wait for something better. I think I gave similar advice elsewhere recently, but look out for friends who have extra Machop, Abra, Geodude, Haunter, Roggenrola, Timburr, Karablast and Shelmet. Once traded they cost either 25 or 0 candies to fully evolve. So between those, theoretically, you could have full teams of a few types for practically zero investment. Also worth looking for the fighting rocket, it’s common and both shadow Champ and Hariyama are very good indeed. Early in the game, shadows aren’t the most economical things to use as you have to power them up from L8 or L13 and the cost is higher, but they are, arguably, the endgame option so keep them until you can afford to invest in them.

The pupitar, do no purify that, it’s absolutely great with those IVs as a shadow. Keep it, decide whether you want it as a rock or dark type, because Ttar’s CD move, Smack Down, is a fast move so it can’t really do both jobs. That said, even using a non-SE fast move, arguably it might still be better than a non-shadow in certain circumstances.

Have a look at the Silph Road rocket grunt/leader lineups to see what you can get and what is more common. Larvitar/Pupitar are far less common than the fighting rocket, so I’d be much more prepared to use that Pupitar than I would a Champ/Hariyama with the same stats. The dragon rocket is, I think, less common than 1/100 so if you get a shadow dratini with even half decent IV, hang on to it. I say this now as a “Stockpiling advice” rather than an “invest right now” advice.

Rockets and the leaders are a great source of dust, if you rack up a full compliment of 12x12k eggs and hatch them with a star piece you can have 100k or more of dust. Plus of course getting 12x6x500 dust for the grunts you need to fight each leader, then the 12x1000 dust you get for the leaders themselves.

I say it a lot, don’t get too hung up on the ‘star rating’ especially at the early stages. Higher IV, desirable but not essential especially as someone else pointed out, if you’re just using them as they are. The more you’re going to invest, the more you want the IVs to be good. Later on, have a look into breakpoints, it’s probably a bit too much detail for now, simply because early on you can’t be selective because you haven’t got enough pokemon to be selective about, but sometimes picking, say, an 89% with a 14 attack, might be better in key matchups than the 93% with a 12 attack IV.

PvP advice:

I’m not particularly expert on PvP but generally, for GL and UL you want a lower attack stat, higher Def and Stamina but it differs from species to species dependent on their base stats. Pokegenie is one of the better apps to use, it’ll tell you whether any given 'mon has a good IV spread or not. But again, especially early doors, don’t get too hung up on finding that Rank#1 PvP candidate.

Use the PvPoke site first to tell you if a species is actually any good in PvP, having a #1 IV Chandelure might seem good, but seeing as it’s actually ranked into the 400’s as an actual team member in UL, suddently it’s not so appealing any more.


Ditto what @Oaf said. Looks like the Machamp would be pretty good in either GL or UL! Got reasonably low attack relative to its bulk and hit 1491 or 2499 so that definitely checks the box in my mind. :+1: T-tar is mostly good for raiding but has some play in ML. Wouldn’t recommend trying it out in GL or UL, especially since it would be ridiculously expensive (and there’s no event on the horizon to get rid of Frustration…).

Slightly tangential I know, but I got the impression there’s a rocket event planned given the text at the start of the season and that (I forget the exact words) it said something like “Giovanni has go AWOL… we hope he’s not planning anything”.

There’d better be an event soon, I’m not deleting CTMs on purpose and I’ve got 86 shadows to TM - no, I’ll never use them all but that’s back to the hoarder thread…

Thanks for the advice. The Machamp is around 2200 CP so it’s definitely one of my strongest Pokemon. I’ll try using it in raids and see how it does. Pupitar I will hold onto and eventually get a shadow Tyranitar.

Cool, it’ll be about level 25 I think that Champ, it’ll do you absolutely fine for the time being. Enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face: