Low-Tier Weapon Refine priority?

I’m looking to bring one of my lesser-used “low-tier” units as a merge project, maybe bring them back into my usual rotation.
(Read: “units I don’t see many of.”)

So it basically boils down to Severa and Beruka at the moment, two units I rarely use, one far more built, and the o ly two merge projecrs I have enough Manuals to +10, with enough feathers.
Beruka (Current vs. Finished)

Basically, she’ll be filling her role as my aerial tank. She’ll be paired with Shema, since I have no other Legendary/Mythic fliers atm; so her blessing is all of irrelevant.
The only +10 Green units I have are Grima, Camilla and S!Elise. The only flier is Camilla, and (while she is certainly bulky) she runs more of a supportive build than an an actual tank build. Berula had a niche she can fill.

Severa (Current vs. Finished)

Selena would be filling a similar role, but with less of a focus on baiting physical attackers and more of basically soaking all damage, with her sword essentially giving her a free Fury with no burn damage.
While I acknowledge that Selena is a powerful unit with her sword, she has a lot of competition for infantry sword, though she would be the only +10 defensive sword, the other +10 being Soleil (with Hana not far down the priorities list).

Which unit would be overall better to refine and merge first?
Beruka, who I used frequently early on and wish to bring back into my rotatiom, who has an easier time finding a niche to fit into; or Selena, who I’ve never really used and has more competition, but (from what I can tell) seems to be far more liked as a unit.

I only have enough Dew to refine one of their weapons.

I’d go with Beruka.
Not because her weapon is better, but because she gets more out of the refine.
-4 Atk (which translates to +4 Def/Res) and Guard is a lot more powerful than just a Wo Dao effect or some stats.

Selena’s Blade is already great at base so I don’t think it’s very high priority.


I would say Beruka.

And you could make two cool things:

  • A really strong physical tank unit (where I would recommend +Def )
  • or a pretty good mixed tank (where I would recommend +Res)

Her weapon is pretty good with the Guard effect so you normally wouldn’t even need Steady Stance 4, so you can be more creative with your A Skills.

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Hmm…well, I use Steady Stance/Sturdy Stance A/S combo for Ignis nuking in my current projected build; but I could also potentially give her DC and Iote’s Shield for countering archers qith a solid 46 DEF. Not as impressive as 56 DEF with Steady/Sturdy, but certainly better auited for the job tham the Shema I’ve been using for arrow baiting. :thinking: