Lower tier servants (who to start)

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and as far as I gotten I gotta ask this.
Which servants(3-1 star) are use best to used for farm e.c.t.
The resaon for this is because I wonder if I making the right decision, when investing into my servants for an example my Arash or Anderson)
Here they are (these are the ones am focusing on)

P.s. I do have more servants there just in the archive

1-3 stars for farming? Paul and Spartacus I’ve had a lot of fun with :slight_smile: Arash might be the most popular choice for farming too, so you’re in no way making a mistake in investing in them. Remember that leveling from 1-60 is incredibly cheap as opposed to 60-90. Very little reason not to utilize gems like arash. Also there’s a feeling you get when you utilize lower rarity servants. Don’t limit them to farming. They can be a real help in challenge quests too.

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I do have Spartacus he is he really that good, because am not so friendly to the Berserker class ,because of how they die so easyly, can you explain a litter more should I prefer them.

For farming look no further than Arash and Spartacus, 2 of the best lower rarity if not just in general farming units in the game.

It is not mistake at all to be investing into Hans as he is an absolutely fantastic support who has helped me a lot even with my pretty good roster.

Also don’t underrate lower star servants just because they’re not gold, alot of them can even compete with the big 4 or 5 star boys given investment (or in some cases no investment)

He does have the consistency of tissue paper but Spartacus is primarily used for farming where surviving is a non concern because generally the enemy isn’t even gonna have a chance to attack after they get blown away by his np.

Sidenote however is that with investment (grails, max skill level) Spartacus’s first skill is actually pretty ridiculous and will heal through pretty much all damage he takes.

Mmm I see where Spartacus can help a lot, and yea Hans has been useful to me I just felt bad investing to some one like Mozart, I like him and he’s help me well for a caster
And arash, I still dont understand the way he dies when using his np, like what the use for that?

Paul Bunyan, Arash, Spartacus, and Kiyohime are some of the best farmers in the game. BUT the problem is you need a support with NP charge skills like Zhuge Liang, and multiple starting NP Craft Essences to actually capitalize on them. But once you’ve got that stuff covered (the NP charge support can easily be from your friend list), you’ll be able to farm a whole hell of a lot faster.

As for support, Hans is a fantastic pick. He’s like a Merlin that costs a fraction of the materials and QP, but is less powerful as a consequence.

For damage: Ushiwakamaru, Hektor, Cu Chilainn, Jaguar Man, Bedivere, Caesar, Euryale, Robin Hood, and some others that I never personally tested. Some of them - namely Bedivere, Ushi, and Robin Hood - actually put a lot of 5* servants to shame with their NP damage.

For low-rarity units, the best ones for farming are Arash, Spartacus, Paul Bunyan, and Kiyohime. Of course there are other units you could use, one strong choice is medusa for farming QP, but those three are the best because of the NP charge skill on arash and spartacus, and the fact that spartacus, Paul Bunyan, and Kiyohime are berserkers so you can use them against any enemies.

For other things such as boss killing, dps, and support, the area is a bit more broad.

For Single Target riders/quick dps, Ushiwakamaru is great, especially considering her rarity. She can even keep up with most 4 and 5* units.

Georgios is a great taunter/tank and fits especially well into arts teams, the only downside he has is that he absorbs lots of critical stars due to his rider class.

Robin Hood is a great Single Target archer with an arts focus. His nuking potential is high due to the additional special damage on his NP and he fits nicely into arts teams.

Hans is a good all-around support even though he is a bit fragile due to being a 2*

Cu Chulainn is a great tank and can clutch any kind of fight for you if you need him (as long as the boss isn’t a saber)

Although you already have Penth leveled, Lu Bu is a fantastic ST berserker with really high burst damage.

Euryale is another good ST archer who specializes in anti-male antics.

Hassan of the Cursed Arm is a really good star generator and has fantastic survivability in case you’re planning on running any kind of buster-crit or quick team. Fuuma is also good but he dies quite often due to not being as durable as Cursed Arm.

Hassan of the Hundred Personas fits into arts teams as a nice damage dealer. She can deal good damage if she gets her buffs off and has decent NP gain as long as her Librarian of Knowledge skill is up


Medusa is yet another low rarity AoE servant with NP charge.
May be worth raising to help with QP farming.

Are your berserkers dying on you? Make sure not to put them in protracted fights. That happens for two reasons. They can’t unleash their NP fast enough. To remedy this you want to close the fight quite quickly when you’re farming with berserkers. Generally you want to put a CE that increases NP gauge and buster/NP damage like holy night supper, halloweeen princess, first sunrise, etc. Then the second reason is underutilizing their skills. Remember that Spartacus has guts! Use it. If you do those two things you should be able to burst through waves fast enough for Spartacus to have done his job before dying.

Challenge quests can be trickier. For these I’d recommend you watch some players who have had success with Spartacus. You can see how they utilize his skills and which servants they use to support him. It’s all in the details. Once you get a feel for skill usage you will fair much better in challenge quests, even with lower rarity servants like Spartacus.

I was going to ask about the skill, like what benefits can they be use to help the servants, I usully just stop at level 4 for one skill for each servant I have.

Level 4 is a nono. You simply don’t get enough out of skill enhancement to level 4. You really want to be going at least to lvl 6, for that juicy cooldown reduction. This is heavily utilized in challenge quests especially.

Lower rarity servants are so cheap to max out that you should really consider doing it. They don’t take too many resources at all. If you play events a lot you will gather enough materials to eventually enhance all your desired servants.

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Omg I forgot about Paul I left her in my archive and was going to invest into her is she really that good, I just stop levelling her up when I go the Eldorado Berserker.

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Ok I keep that as a note I kind base the servants on their art and how they help me during situation.

Well, she has a party heal and a party buster + crit buff. Plus her NP does crazy damage for a 1* berserker. Mine does around 60k per enemy if she uses her defense down skill. Bunyan is my favorite berserker and I have no regrets grailing her to level 90. She’s a staple in all my farming teams.


Glad you got her. It’s such a neat little servant, and it would be a shame if you missed her. Paul has good utility, by increasing team buster card, granting team healing, since you’re having trouble keeping Spartacus alive, and decreasing enemy defense. Spartacus and Paul could work together for you!

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Holy mother! You’ve grailed Paul!! I need that! Gimme gimme! ID please good sir

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Yeah I got her since she was free and got her copy’s I should invest into her more, I just look down on Berserker too much I guess.

Boop. IGN is just Trickshot.

Try pairing those two together and see how it works out for you. Remember the CEs. Maybe use a Merlin support. Clear the first wave normally and the next two with Paul and Spartacus’ NPs in that order. Remember to use Paul’s and Merlins buffs, and merlins buster steroid probably on Spartacus to clear the third wave. Experiment and you’ll come to love these servants. You have them at NP5 to begin with, their damage is off the charts.