Lowering the costs for summoning!


They are lowering the prices for summoning?! I love Cygames❤️
10-pulls will now cost 1200 wyrmite/diamantium, and single pulls will cost 120 wyrmite/diamantium. Daily deal still costs 30 diamantium, but I’m F2P, so I don’t really care about that.


The absolute chads, Cygames just keeps making things sweeter and sweeter


I (like so much people i though) am saving to pull in the incoming FEH event… Actually i got a little bit more than 10k… 8’6 pulls thanks to that cheaper pulls.

Amazing change + wyrmprints out… I’m terrible Glad that i haven’t wasted wyrmite on the actual Sylas banner (or even on the water archer) xD.

That unconfortable feel when you shouldn’t pull… Anxiety x’D


It’s like being offered an apple pie (representing removals of wyrmprints from summoning pool)…plus a scoop of ice cream on top.