Lowkey want a +10 Nephenee

Always really liked her design, and I have a thing for speedy and bulky foot lance unit.
What is it with me wanting to +10 these Year 1 units.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll start saving up big again and eventually do it.


Spurn is very cool.

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Hippity hoppity
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Sorry, forgot.

Distant Foil is cool but she might be able to tank with Spurn and Spd/Res Solo!!!

@GVader has one I believe.


Nephenee is one of the few Gen 1 5 :star2: worthy still being a 5 :star2: thanks to her solid prf and refine and being one of the few speedy lance infantry units in the game. Anna and F!Kris definitely powercrept her but Nephenee’s armor slaying is still required and quite potent in today’s meta. And she’s more charming and beautiful than both of them. :feh_tooobinyes:
(When compared to Anna that’s debatable but Neph’s definitely more charming than Kris)

Built my Nephenee through mostly pitybreakers and I say every merge was worth it.

Was going to give her Repel but that Spurn + Rouse + Solo build is looking spicy on her. This gives me more motivation to finish her.

Good luck if you choose to +10 her.


I don’t know mang, the shorty shorts are definitely a thing and cute ponytails and stuff.


That’s the story of my +Spd Shiro but let’s no go there. :D

But she has twice the merges, so it’s not like I can brag about that.

I don’t like it, it’s weird… but it can work.


I usually don’t like Null Follow-Up, but it just fits her purpose she’s can kill armours. She’s essentially getting 46 Def on Enemy Phase, so it’s not bad. My only problem with the build is Swiftie, because it’s not entirely decided if she’s too good on either Player or Enemy Phase, but it’s not like half the Armours aren’t slow, so she should still double reliably (at least when Spd Wave is on).

I just left Fury on her, since it’s one of the better mixed phased skills, and she can get bulky enough that you won’t have to worry for the HP recoil all the time.

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I also mostly never go for +Atk, since I much prefer Spd or Def.

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I have a contact who has a +10 Nephenee :

She’s pretty scary lol


64 Spd.


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And then 60 Def, like it was actually necessary.

I’m out.

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And how about some Damage Reduction on top of that ?

That’s what I mean


At that point, I would’ve just added something like Distant Foil or even DC, since it’s not like she doesn’t have the Spd and Def to expand beyond ranged counters and things like that.

my charlotte:

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eh my Charlotte still stomps her

Was lowkey worried for a moment

High-key want a +10 Nephenee

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naw you don’t, otherwise you would’ve done it by now :D