Loyal Husbandos || Fates Husbandos (Neutral) || Poll Status: DECEASED || Winner - Kaze: Easygoing Ninja

Nah im 3D which is a whole D more. And im the player character so Kaze cant say shit about shit

Once you find the one, you’ll know.

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Yeah but Silas is probably getting butt ■■■■■■ the second you shut the game off

Tbh my boyfriend kind of acts a lot like him, I mean his presence is so calming that we’ve been together for a year and we’ve only argued once on top of hanging out daily, and I fight with everyone lmao

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but if Kaze exists, then pls marry me

Silas? Have you seen him?

Just a warning

Silas is low key gay for Corrin, unless Corrin is female, and then gay for Kaze

Why was Silas x M!Corrin not canon? :thinking:

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RIGHT, should’ve been more same sex options

In production he was supposed to be gay with Azura. And then they switched it because IS hates the gays

Then screw IS

also Azura totally is a lesbian

Ohhh what a nice art of shigure :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Kaze, humble helpful and a ninja. And that boob window!

Jakob when he’s nice and Silas ain’t bad either

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It makes me want to try out the look its so good

but yellow eyes might make me look like I have a bad kidney

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I can see doing that
Try without yellow eyes

The crying sells the picture but I dont think I wanna do that part either

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Nah just for the looks i would say :thinking:

Adrift Corrin was one of the first units I summoned and I still use him today. It’d be a crime not to vote for him.

Please, it’d be funny if you did.

Actually, it’s a crime not to vote for Kaze, so

open up