Loyal Husbandos || Fates Husbandos (Neutral) || Poll Status: DECEASED || Winner - Kaze: Easygoing Ninja

Honestly if you didn’t vote for Kaze, I don’t trust you.

I’m free to vote for who I want, thank you very much. And if it makes you feel any better, Kaze would be my second choice. He’s a great mage counter. Also I’m saving that photo for when I’ll need it.

Lowkey his eyes help make the pic


I see Shigure, I vote shigure.

(also… marrying kana off to… who again?)

it was a joke, but ok

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I know it was a joke. I was joking along. I’m not very good at showing that I’m joking though… I’m a bit too serious. And it shows.

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italicize your joke, and I figured you were joking, but had to make sure



That “that’s wonderful” was really sexy

That one line must definitely be the reason why skinship got axed in Fates . Too hot for Nintendo

Did anyone watch the rest tho?

Shout out to Saizo, Azama, Flora, and Rhajat

Also Peri’s was sus af but relatable

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How is this poll even a thing when best husbando Silas is on it?

Because he’s losing

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first loser :skull:

Imagine being Jakob rn?

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well garon has two votes more than him :joy:

Tbh no matter who wins the competition for their games it doesn’t matter. Since the final round will pit all of the winners against each other and I’m pretty sure Zelgius is gonna win.

Since the other previous winners are Marth, Saber, Quan, Rutger, Helbindi, Joshua, Lon’Qu, and Shiro. Maybe I’ll include runner ups for the rounds with two votes because Tibarn will help make it more interesting

oh right marth won :sweat:
bitch, you just wanna see tibarn win :joy: (no complains tho)
why zelgius?

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Yeah I was voting for Barst in that tiebreaker lol, although I forgot who I actually wanted to win.

And LMAO, I actually personally like Zelgius better but I guess removing personal bias, I just assume Tibarn would be more attractive. Since a lot of girls like ripped guys with dark hair, tan skin, and light eyes. He also has very masculine facial features.

Also Zelgius is a bad bitch that’s why lol

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It’s rigged. Kaze voters are all hacked accounts.

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