Lucario and Conkeldurr question

With this two in the meta, which combination of Lucario and Conkeldurr are the best for a Fighting-type team in the raid perspective?

At the moment I have 2 maxed out Lucarios, and one Conkeldurr. I was thinking 2 Lucarios + 4 Conkeldurr should do the trick but second opinions are always welcome :smiley:

Your idea appears sound to me. However, something to consider: we have the Sinnoh event coming up soon. You may well be able to get yourself a third or even fourth (if you’re lucky) Lucario for your prospective team during that time.
That said, gap filling with Machamp wouldn’t hurt for the interim especially given Conk’s limited availability

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I haven’t thought about that. Currently I have 1 maxed Conkeldurr and 2 93% lucky ones but they’re level 20. Lucario’s TDO is closer to Breloom’s, so that’s why I’m a little worried. A team of six isn’t a good idea, but maybe 4? So that way I don’t have to spend so many resources on Conks lol

Lucario Damage is so high that it doesn’t matter its frailness in most scenarios(like Rampardos in the current rock meta), on the other hand, Conkeldurr will be better when fighting against Lucario three weakness(fighting, fire and ground moves)…but Lucario should prevail against the other move types.

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