Luck is weird for me and my fiancee

So I’ve made two other posts joking about my fiancee being extremely lucky.

Since then my luck has mellowed out a little bit due to my fiancee giving me a bit of luck by being close when I summon (love you, honey). Thing is, though, I’ve noticed a bit of a trend between our summoned servants. What’s that trend you ask?

Her servants are:
Archer Gilgamesh
James Moriarty
Amakusa Shirou

My servants are:
Sherlock Holmes

Given the algorithm of this game’s servants, I can help but be surprised at the coincidences.


That’s a very strange coincidence… but then again, my luck is much the same. While pulling for Jalter, Karna showed up in a multiroll to taunt me with his gold summoning animation. The very next multiroll, Arjuna did the same damn thing. These two apparently agreed with each other enough to team up to spite me… :T

But hey, at least you’re finally getting some SSRs. :smiley:

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That’s a very fun servant dualism you two got there. There is, of course, a selection bias influence most likely, but it’s nice to see some good rolls coming your way regardless. Nice.


Now imagine if u don’t have that luck nor a lover at all…




Sorry, I’m kinda salty. Sometimes showing your SSR alone is pretty Salty. But to show how match you and your couple’s SSR in FGO is taking the saltiness in different level :joy:


No, it’s cool. I can sort of relate. I’m sure there’s plenty who don’t have either. I have decent luck, no lover.


Geez, now I just feel bad.

Don’t be. I mean there are others with much better rosters and luck. Likewise for the other direction. It’s relative.

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Also a matter of wrong luck, or similar. I could pull NP3 TamaLancer through the GSSR, and NP1 Arthur, or whatever, but what use is someone I don’t enjoy using and would only rarely use, respectively. :roll_eyes: One person’s trash, etc.


Arjuna did the same damn thing to me (though funnily enough it was when I was rolling for Astolfo).

Look Ma, my reply got linked! Are you proud of me now???

What was that? You would be more proud of me if I had a girlfriend?
… I know right…