Luck Paranoia, Never Enough SQ

Greetings. Sitting at 868 SQs and 40 tickets (50 if the download campaign tickets come), all for Gil and Shishou this thanksgiving (or New Year), I still have doubts whether I can at least get both at NP 1. As what the salt repository has shown, lady luck is a sadist that will step on your hopes and dreams, mock your hard work and even kick you while you are down.

Haha. Sorry for the long intro. I’m just curious on what amount of saved quartz are you all comfortable with before rolling for your long awaited SSR banners?

(Still trying to make a decision on whether I should spend 40$ just to reach 900) :expressionless:


I don’t stop. I keep rolling until I get them.


Unlimited Budget Whale?

Usually 750 SQ, even with bad luck (Archuria last year) Np1 at least.

With the same numbers i could np5 her this year.

I think it’s more I just make extremely poor choices with my money than considering myself to be a whale or having an unlimited budget. The sunk cost fallacy is strong with me.

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I see. So, how did luck treat you so far?

My rolls for Archuria were ■■■■■■■ awful. Definitely the worst. Recently, my Shimousa grind for Raikou was pretty bad, but I did get spooked by a Vlad and two extra Shutens, so that was really my fault for not waiting for her solo banner in Setsubun. I blame that all more on my impatience than my poor luck.

Otherwise, it hasn’t been terrible. It’s still not a good strategy, but I don’t like the idea of dumping all my quartz for nothing. If I want a servant, I’m going to get them.

After Shimousa, I did put most of my money into my savings though, lmao

:face_with_head_bandage: Sometimes, spooks just soothes the pain, doesn’t it? (To some people, I guess they add insult to injury?)

I mean, I’m definitely not going to be one to complain, except for when the bitch Arjuna spooked me during my Archuria rolls (and he’s been since burned). I’m a big fan of Vlad, and the two extra Shutens are nice… but man just one of those times I’d have stopped if it were Raikou ;-;

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Luck evened out in the end huh.

(I’d be fine if even Arjuna spooked me…) Condolence to you. ;-;

yeah, a bit of karma

There is literally never enough IMO given this game’s uncompromising rates and nonexistent pity system. Averages help for ballparks (300 SQ for a coin flip on avg, 420 for specific rate-up), but that’s all theoretical and never a guarantee, and if you’ve read any roll thread you know well how wildly results can vary (as you’d expect they would).

So, won’t say, short of infinite budget works making it a non-issue. Good luck getting Goldie and Shishou.

Yeah, one can never have enough SQ.

wait i remember a thread about chance; this one

I think I think I already saw that one. The QoL changes in JP though, increased the chances. (At least statistically speaking) When will this come to us?


4th Anni exactly.

Uuuu. Will take some time.

This is really interesting, though isn’t it inaccurate to consider 10 single tries the same as a 10x roll? Doesn’t the guarantee of a 4 card or higher inflate the chance of an SSR, even if slightly?

Does it? I thought 10 rolls only inflate chances for SRs.

Aside from the .1% chance increase though, JP also adds 1 bonus rolls for each 10 roll making it technically an 11 roll and further increasing the chances.