Luck turned me into a monster

This is it ! Sigurd finally got to +10 !

…yep, I’m now one of those horrendeous person that has a +10 L!Sigurd now. But don’t judge me, I swear it was a total accident!

I randomly got a L!Sigurd like a year ago, while trying to get L!Lilina merges. He was a cool unit. He helped me to make a cheesy Pathfinder Cavline in AR-D, but not much more to it. It wasn’t until April, where Lilina and Sigurd shared again, that everything got crazy.

My Lilina was +6, my Sigurd still had no merge. I spent something like ~500 orbs. I got one Lilina (+ the spark)… and EIGHT Sigurds. At the end of the banner, they were both +8. It was crazy. At first, I was really annoyed by getting so much copies of him, but at the end, he became an accidental merge project.
I started to get attached to the unit and use him much more. He became a staple in my Wind Area team along my +10 L!Corrin.

For this banner, I has 177 orbs, and one copy to get (+the spark). i was dreading this summoning session, as Lif doesn’t interests me much and I already have a +10 Reginn. The session started pretty terribly, as I my pity started to get pretty high, before getting a Lif. He was quickly folowed by a Reginn. Fortunately, I didn’t take too long to finally get the Sigurd I needed. I had just enough orbs to reach the spark today and finish the project.
At the end, even by counting the random first copy I got, I think he barely cost 800 orbs to get to +10. That’s crazy.

He may be an accidental project, but I’m very happy of the result. he’s very fun to use, especially with the Trace. The Smoke also turns him into a very sturdy unit for EP. It’s also nice since I actually quite like Sigurd for the character. He not only looks very cool as a knight, but he also always tried to stay virtuous and tried to follow his ideals of justice; Sadly, he only got shit for that, as he got betrayed, his wife stolen and probably hates barbecues for the rest of his afterlife (I had to do the joke at some point).

Anyway, I’m pretty happy of the result. He probably was my shortest merge project lol.


Oooo congrats

He looks amazing :feh_flaynyay:



Congrats! I love to see more +10 Sigurds

Feh might have gotten a little worse but these things happen :feh_lucyshrug:


Congrats on the +10!

L-Sigurd is a terror, for sure. I’m sure he will serve you well!


“But don’t judge me, I swear it was a total accident!”

I would absolutely judge the hell out of you if it wasn’t for the fact that I got F!El at +10 because of Eir’s remix banner. I actually got 9 of her before getting 4 Eirs so I’ll believe you just this once.


I believe fully in any accidents after being absolutely gobsmacked by four L-Nannas when I was only pulling red when there were no blues


Maybe Feh randomly decides to give people power to see how they use it…


First off congrats! He looks like an absolute monster, hope he serves you well!


Looks at my Eitri who I got to +8 before getting the 5 Dagr copies I needed on that banner.


Me waiting on a Surtr refine like:


Congratulations! It’s nice to have happy accidental merge projects!

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Luck turned me into a monster

“You’ve always been a monster” :feh_dedueit: :feh_disgusting:

don’t mind the fact that I don’t play FEH :feh_sharenacry:

But gratz :feh_lynfingers: :feh_tobindrip: