Lucky Friends bugged?

So I am wondering if Lucky Friends is currently bugged-
today was the second time I was trading with a “Best Friend” that happened to be a lucky trade- without any indicator of that beeing.
We interacted before that day (gift opening) and didn’t get the Lucky Friend animation / indication.

Anyone else experienced that ?

When you do a trade without being lucky friends there’s something like 2% chance that the pokemon will be lucky.

I also believe that the older the pokemon are the higher the chance that they will be lucky, but someone else can explain that one better

Any trade has the chance to make the Pokémon lucky. A trade with a lucky friend simply guarentees it.

In my experience, the maximum lucky pokemon I can get in 1 day is 5 (I love trading so I usually make 100 trade per day). If I want to get more than 5, I have to transfer 1 of those 5, then there is a higher chance I could get another lucky pokemon.
The longest lucky pokemon streak I get by normal trading is 3. In detail, I got 3 in a row, then a normal one, then another lucky pokemon, 4 out of 5. I traded over 10.000 pokemon and this only happens once.

I think that is about correct ,5% chance. Sometimers you get them a bit quicker other days it takes a bit longer…

That lucky I never was, but having two lucky trades back to back has happened more then once :wink: but you also have those unlucky days that you go 30 or 40 trades without getting a lucky one. In the end getting about 1 in 20 is probably right (wthout the lucky trades) but like with everything else some people seem to have more luck then others but probably that is only how we see it.


I too experience a 1-in-20ish rate of lucky trades, with days where 40 trades gave no lucky one. During CDs I sometimes had 6-7 lucky trades in one day, but from multiple other accounts (e.g. my main acc gets 3 lucky with my wife and 4 with my sister, etc)