Lucky friends trading

Will the stats get worse if I trade my max gligar?

Pretty much guarenteed, yeah. You’d have to be extremely lucky to trade a perfect and come out with the same perfect. Also, I’m not sure what you’d hope to gain. You wouldn’t be able to trade it back to yourself, and even if the recipient managed to get a hundo, the only benefit would be the reduced stardust costs.

If you lucky trade a Gligar with zero IVs, it becomes Gligarman!

I have two maxed out ones and my friend wanted one too but we weren’t sure if it would stay the same

Thanks for the brag … unfortunately it is a Gligar

Yeah, trading 100%'s is not advisable, but if you wanna chance it go for it. It’s a Gligar so it’s not particularly valuable anyway (not that that really matters).
In my experience I’ve had a 100% shiny moltres lucky traded to me, it became a 91%. proceed with caution is all I can say :)