Lucky friends

So kind of a newbie question but how do you get lucky friends? I’ve got best friends with someone but how do you get the guaranteed Lucky trade?

Once you’ve hit best friends with someone, there’s a 1-2% chance that you’ll hit lucky friends with them after your first interaction of the day with them (from either of you opening a gift, battling in a raid/gym together, making a trade, doing a PvP battle together). You’ll know if you interacted if there’s a blue glow around their trainer avatar picture in your friends list.

You only have a chance to trigger lucky friends after that first daily interaction, so subsequent interactions during the same day won’t count. You’ll have to wait until the next day to try again. So if they opened a gift from you, there’s no point in you opening a gift from them; save it for the following day.

Once you hit lucky friends, you’ll know. You’ll get a notification in-game that says you’re lucky friends that will literally fill your entire screen, complete with a glowing gold background.

Good luck!


Sending/receiving invite to EX-Raid by best friend also can trigger Lucky Friend.

Ok, I didn’t expect this to be a thing :rofl: