Lucky Skill Showcase

Hey, everyone. I just finished the Battle Villa and wanted to see what everyone got when rolling for Lucky Skills. Here was my big reward.


Woah, that’s perfect!

I got Haste on my Charizard. Should I roll again?

Haste is pretty good on Charizard, so I would keep it for now. If you get extra cookies, though, try for something that rewards you for Critical Hits or makes it easier to burn targets.

Nope, doesn’t look like that’s possible, according to:

Point still stands that ypur ideal lucky skill for Charizard will be something like Critical Strike.

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What about Dauntless? (Sp.Atk reduction immunity) I think that’s redundant because Charizard’s attack stats are already so high but I might be wrong…

I took your advice and got Critical Strike 1 after 3 rerolls. Pretty good, I guess.

Protection against stat debuffs used to be good, but ever since the nerf that removed the Haze effect from opposing Sync moves, protection against stat reduction hasn’t been very relevant. If you did get it, you would want Enlightenment on non-Impervious tanks or offensive stat reduction immunity on Pokemon like Sceptile and Kingdra, who use moves that lower their stats… Charizard doesn’t need the protection as much because of Status Quo 4 in his Sync Grid.

I’ve been thinking… is it possibly a good idea to add a type resistance to a character? A support, for instance.

It’s weird and hard to consider that because usually it’s better to have units ready for any opponent, so unless you get like… a resistance to what your pair is weak against or a resistance to something you’ll be using the pair often against, doesn’t look like a big deal.

I’m considering doing that sometime, but for now I’m just contemplating the idea, might be fun

Support pairs generally pair well with these lucky skills. Imagine Dark Guard Dusknoir/Rotom, Flying Guard Serperior and Steel Guard Delibird.

I got Dauntless for my Charizard and called it a day.
Once I get to mess with their grid skills, then I might change their lucky skills accordingly. :3

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If someone did go for the type resist, they’re probably either expecting more Lucky Skill slots to be added, expecting some form of PvP later on, or are very busy grinding for Pins and Cloths.

no way

And yes, I did Battle Villa Thorton Co Op a 2nd time just to flex. LMAO


Well, my idea is to make supports even tankier by receiving less damage to potential threats.

Something like what @TheKyogre said are the possibilities I was thinking about, because for example, in some Battle Vila stages I had this issue of supports receiving super effective damage is very hurtful to the completion of the stage, for instance. But alas, I’ve completed that with one week to spare so I might be just overthinking here.

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I want that for Rayquaza, tried all the cookies I got but none of them were as lucky as the name suggest.

I somehow got that first try. You’ll have to wait for Battle Villa 2 then.

You’re overthinking things. If you’ve been playing the game since Day 1, you should have access to plenty of sync pairs to nullify the weakness issue. The type resist candies are more for new players or folks that like to write FtP guides. If we get a single team survival mode, though, it’ll probably be relevant due to being paired against random trainers. The same can be said for protection against stat reduction.

On a side note. I got my hands on a Charizard with Critical Strike 2!

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More on that Dauntless train…
I’ve decided to check my cookies and saw that I’ve 1 try to unlock one, and so I tried to go for da boi Rayray!
And with 1 try of the lucky cookie… We got:

It’s between this and no confusion allowed. xd
Seems pretty nice. :fgo_goodciv:


Hey, Zinnia has 2 free Confusion heals. Dauntless is IMO better for Rayquaza.


Oh, you’re right.
Also, Idk how true this is but everytime I use Sync move, the confusion also goes away. So, yeah, it is better, huh? :feh_bylethconfused: :pkmn_nuhoh:

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Its confusion heals are tied to its buffing skills, which makes it kind of hard to use unless you have dedicated Supports…