Lucky Trade - Mewtwo or Groudon?

finally became lucky friends with my alt again after damn near a year lol. now the question is, do i do Groudon or Mewtwo? my alt has nothing else really of value (or that my main doesn’t already have a good specimen of) and both i could easily slot into ML teams without needing to build an additional 'mon. for context, ETMs are not an issue and my main’s best are currently:

13/14/15 Groudon (ATK IV bothers me)
15/12/15 Mewtwo (DEF IV bothers me)

at first glance i was more inclined to do Groudon due to the current meta but he’s returning to raids soon so that kinda seems like a waste. Mewtwo i know will be a MONSTER when XL’ed, so i’m kinda leaning that way. thoughts?

After waiting so long, can you wait another month? Groudon is back next week, Mewtwo next month.

The IV’s of what you have are great IMO, those fractions of a percent with the 12/13 will truly make very little difference in any given raid.

Personally, I’d wait until you’ve raided out Groudon and Mewtwo before deciding. You could lucky trade your Groudon tomorrow and then catch a shundo next week. This includes, of course, on your alt so if you catch a shiny on your alt, you could then lucky trade the shiny.

Neither Groudon or Mewtwo are the most useful of types, but they are the best of their type currently so it depends what you think you have better coverage in. We have one msystry raid boss coming, but it’s only a week or so and even if it’s something one or the other is SE against, it’s not like you’re missing it for a full month’s run.

XL candy, especially XL legendary candy, is yet to really sort itself out into any truly viable source and so if you’re looking that far into the future and you plan to XL Mewtwo, maybe go for the Groudon now?

I suppose a final consideration is this even though you say ETM’s aren’t a problem: There’s no mention of Groudon having Precipice Blades yet and so, Mewtwo next month having Psystrike, using an ETM on your traded Mewtwo will leave you with something, at least move-wise, you’ll be able to catch freely soon.

If it was me, I’d wait but if you’re determined to make the trade now and wanted an answer, I’d personally lean towards Groudon. You’ve got 30-40 more chances to go lucky with your alt again before the M2 run is over.


oh damn, i had no idea M2 was returning soon! alright i’ll wait, thanks!!

Think it’s about 20th February (whenever the Kanto event starts). The three birds and M2 are back, all with their elite moves, doesn’t matter if you have a ticket or not .

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perfect! going to wait until at least after groudon leaves raids

It’s hard to say Groudon is the best ground type now. Excadrill and Landorous-I have higher DPS and more reliable movesets. If consider bulk and resistances, Garchomp and Rhyperior are often better than Groudon. Also the strictly better Landorous-T can come at any time.
Now I feel Groudon is more a PvP specialist like Giratina-A. I wouldn’t lucky trade for a non-shiny Groudon without Fire Punch.

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Arguably you’re right, although I personally find excadrill too frail to be “the best” (it has a higher TTW against Heatran than Groudon, presumably because of deaths) and Landorus I has a lower attack and significantly lower bulk but I agree, it’s a tradeoff of DPS vs more faint/relobby.

Landorus-T is the one I’m waiting for and yes, you’re right, it will be better and could come at any time but at the same time, niantic are really dragging these new releases out and it could just as easily be November before it’s out. Given each Therian Forme will likely get a 3-4 week run each, I can’t see it coming before March at the earliest. I’m expecting the Therian formes to be released over the mid-late N.Hemisphere summer when covid has receded somewhat (depending on your country and it’s vaccine policies) and people are getting out and about again.