Ludiculo in the Great League


Solid typing with very few weaknesses (flying hurts due to rule of Sky Attack tho), one of the best quick moves in the game, Ice beam for counter coverage and well rounded stats. Yet I havent seen it on anyones list for recommendated mons in the lowest league. Anything Im missing out or is Ludiculo a hidden gem for PvP?

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All of its charge moves are awfully slow, but it could possibly get some traction based solely on Razor Leaf.

Edit: I totally glossed over Ice Beam. So I’m gonna say maybe. I’m definitely giving it a closer look, especially for the next cup that includes water or grass.


Only issues I can think of are lack of access in some areas (I still don’t have a Ludicolo because Lotad is super rare where I live) and lack of actual interest in PvP for a lot of players. But yeah, I was thinking he’d be good early when Great League came out because of his typing overall. I didn’t even realize then that he had Razor Leaf, which makes him actually look really damn good, especially with Ice Beam as coverage. A lot of the main tanks for Grass moves are Flying, and a lot of the main tanks for Ice moves are Water. Steel types like Magneton and Melmetal hit neutrally or resisted thanks to Ludicolo’s typing, so while they can wall, Ludicolo still isn’t at a total deficit. Charizard is a more or less neutral matchup, and with no shields Ludicolo’s Hydro Pump is threatening. Altaria wins if you can’t get Ice Beam up, but Ice Beam forces Altaria to be wary of the matchup and of their shields. Skarmory pretty consistently wins but might have to watch out a little for Hydro Pump if shields are down. So Ludicolo’s matchups aren’t terrible overall, and he checks strong water types pretty well.

Really the only pitfall I can think of is if Ludicolo’s stats are just unsuable.

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