Lull skills vs Joker's Wild

I may be late to the party on this but I hadnt seen or heard anything about this prior so I’m making this thread. I went to test my Xane and Corrin combo in some AR mock battle to see how they would perform. This was the result

This I found strange. This is the Kempf in question

And this is the Xane and Corrin

If the Xane was actually using corrin’s 52spd then he should be outspeeding and doubling kempf, but he’s not. It took me a second(and further testing) to determine why.
When Xane copies Corrin’s stats, he copies corrin’s bonuses as well. In this case, corrin has a +6spd buff. But vs opponents with lull skills like Kempf, the game recognized that Xane has copied a buff, and - regardless of whether Xane himself has any buffs - neutralizes them. I had been under the impression this wouldnt be the case, and makes chill soaking a much larger problem than I had previously thought. It also suggests that sneering axe(and other weapons like it that may be released in the future) will hurt him if his allies are buffed.

Correction: further testing revealed it is actually Xane himself getting lulled - I had made a mistake testing previously. His allies buffs will work no matter what but if Xane himself has a bonus those stats will get removed by a lull. This still means link skills are bad for supporting him but played right still makes him functionally immune to lulls as first thought


Are you sure the Lull is the problem, and not something else entirely?


It’s really hard to tell from this that Kempf isn’t just straight up too fast


I tested without Xane having any buffs at all and I tested with Corrin having no buffs. Xane’s spd stat was remaining the same in every case

Um count the spd lol

Kempf has 58 spd and the peony behind him makes 61

If Xane was using corrin’s 52 spd it would put him at 52 +5(yato) = 57 +3(drive) = 60 +6(solo) = 66 +3(peony) = 69spd. Xane should be doubling and I even tried a 2nd drive spd on Corrin just in case

Kempf: 51 + 7 (Push) + 3 (Flower of Joy) = 61

Xane: 52 + 6 (Solo) + 3 (Yato + support) + 3 (Flower of Joy) = 64

And that’s not even accounting for Kempf’s Lull


Uh no Yato grants +4 not +2

O wait Drive Spd

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Okay, redo

Kempf: 51 + 7 (Push) + 3 (Flower of Joy) = 61

Xane: 52 + 6 (Solo) + 5 (Yato + support) + 3 (Flower of Joy) + 2 (Drive Spd) - 3 (Lull Spd) = 65

If I’m doing this right, he’s still not beating Kempf

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Drive spd grants +3 spd but again I also tried with a 2nd drive spd on Corrin. He should be fast enough if he was using 52spd

Idk why I put +2

I need a nap


Lol it’s cool. Also to make life simpler here double drive spd Corrin

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Buff negation doesn’t affect Xane :feh_birbpeek:

No buffs on Corrin:

Buffs on Corrin:

There has to be some other thing causing it :feh_arthurthink:


Hmm :feh_arthurthink: doesnt her omni dull only affect ranged units?

Nope it works for all :feh_flaynfish:
Does that Reinhardt have Goad Cavalry or something?




No joint drive atk

Can you try it without buffing Xane? Still buff Corrin though


Only source of drives on the map are the peony behind kempf