Lute build help!

It’s been a while since I last made a topic since I was occupied with discord. Psst ask Kepic if you want to join if you haven’t already.

Enough funny business.

What skills can I give her? This is just a budget build of course, what better budget build is there available? And yes Fury recoil puts her into desperation range :bylethsmile:


Shameless plug :bklul:

You could give her sabotage atk and she would have triple sabotage. When it comes out, lull spd res would be good but until then, keep desperation. Bedsides for that, I’d say it’s good.

I’ll try thinking of something more creative in a bit.

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I actually have Sabotage atk fodder right now, I just don’t know if I can commit to that.

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Like I said, I’ll think of some other builds. If you keep atk smoke it would be pointless anyways.

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Actually, really weird but high investment build I thought of.

Assuming everything is active, she would have an effective 64 atk, 47 spd, 40 def, and 51 res. That’s counting her buffs and treating the enemy debuffed as buffs.

Honestly, not even I have an idea on how to build her. Sabotage skills are probably the best for support. Lull Res skills would help her, if they existed. I’m thinking of killing a Julia to get MI and the Oath skill.

Why tf isn’t she demoted yet

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