Lv 80 robin or chloe?

hi guys, i m gathering a arts team and thinking about which archer is better. lv 80 robin or chloe.

Chloe for sure. Face card dmg, 50% NP + star gen.
Robin Hood has a bit more NP dmg at 100% charge but if enemy can active debuff resistance, he have to wait or become a joke.

Robin Hood all the way

Need Damage? Use Robin
Need Atk Down and Poison? Use Robin
Need Arts Memes on a budget? Use Robin
Need someone who can meme CQs? Use Robin
Already have Chloe? Use Robin anyway


Chloe. 6-hit Arts cards +50% charge is insane.
Also if Robin faces anyone with debuff immunity (more common lately in CQs) his NP damage plummets in an instant.

Edit: A Robin Hood expert like @jakeybb will surely have something more concise and positive to say about Robin’s feats and charms

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50% charge >>>all. Crit chance down is also a big deal in Cq’s

I havent seen a chloe in a long time…

I do know everytime i would borrow her, she would just straight up destroy any saber/zerker I that looked at me the wrong way.


So Robin’s NP gain is actually better than Kuro’s with his Golden Rule up (2.26% arts cards vs. her 2.28%—like basically the same—and his quicks actually give 3.39% versus hers that only give 1%) so Kuro NEEDS to draw her arts cards to charge meter and Robin has some more flexibility. Fun fact.

Anyway, Robin’s damage is through the roof. His utility is so good that he still holds up to this day on JP—he’s never gotten a buff. Debuff Resistance can be ignored use CasGil. Debuff Immunity is bad civ anyway.

Kuro is great for just killing a boss but she runs out of steam if her draws don’t line up and her skills are on cooldown. Robin gives you basically a free +15% def with Sabotage, has more utility (sure hit + starbomb is nice), and he scales SUPER well with Black Grail since his bonus damage stacks multiplicatively with it.

You give Robin MLB BG and his base NP damage more than triples when they’re poisoned. It’s beautiful.

Robin does ~25,2k assuming only fous
That doubles to ~50.5k assuming poison
That skyrockets to ~91k assuming MLB black grail (before adding the CE attack)

And you still haven’t added in attack or arts buffs

Kuro doesn’t scale as well but her base is better

Kuro hits ~48k assuming only fous and her skills
She hits ~86.3k assuming MLB black grail

Add in that we’ve INCLUDED an arts buff for her but not for Robin, and you see how Robin widens the gap even with just CasGil support


Could this person be one of my people?


I have one major problem here

Kuro is criticised

Kuro NEEDS to draw her arts cards to charge meter

Yet the reliance on poison is downplayed severely

Debuff Resistance can be ignored use CasGil.

One of these is not like the other. One relies on rng ,one relies on actually having a servant. Just bring a support Casgil then - then that limits you squad comp.

Because in my experience Robin’s Poison is still pretty reliable

If he’s countered by a gimmick then he’s countered by a gimmick

But even then you can play around it


I’m not disputing the maths. I hope people aren’t too non-plussed when battles like the Tristan fights in Camelot happen more frequently. Even with Casgil that’s not happening. That is why i don’t really rate Robin

You can’t say

this servant is countered by a gimmick


I don’t really rate this servant

That makes no sense.

Tristan, Camelot

Also like who brought Kuro to that fight :eyes:

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The same type that bring a knife to a gun fight


Didn’t Tristan have Lancer Class Def modifiers? Pretty sure I soloed that shit with Saberlot


This is MY major problem with your logic

Just because I rate Robin better doesn’t mean Kuro is bad

It just means Robin does some stuff better and that’s the stuff I value more

Kuro is bursty and has more CE freedom (she was excellent for farming Xmas3, for example.) But her numbers aren’t what you need them to be sometimes. She really falls off against boss rush CQs where she doesn’t get class advantage. She only has a weak mana burst to amp her NP—Robin’s Poison is AOE and lasts 5 turns and with it active, he outdamages her.

If the poison misses, boo. RNG happens. Crits miss too but we don’t downrate servants like Sherlock or Karna for being too reliant on crits.

Like imagine calling Euryale bad


I’d like this, but I’m loresomed


Wait hold on…his Poison can Miss…on normal/non-debuff immunity or resistance situations? I thought it not only was “permanent” at skill lvl 10 (given the 5 turns, 5 CD) but ALSO “guaranteed”, as in 100% chance base, ensuring his Bonus Damage on NP “all the time”.

Only if they have magic resistance

Otherwise it’s a 100% Poison success rate


Aw you’re right. I always forget there’s passives in this game. Thanks for the info! You learn something new everyday :fgo_hokusaiwink: