Lyn Project

Wassup my homies? I humbly request your advice.

My babe here is on her way to +10, I gave her a F Byleth for Fury 4 and Ruptured Sky. I want to give her Spurn 3, but I have been using Special Spiral+Dragon Fang and it kinda works. What do you think?


Spurn is a meh skill since she should rarely be enemy-phasing with this build. You could give her DC+Spurn since she does have decent mixed bulk. You would probably want a new weapon like Bellringer or Carrot Cudgel instead tho.

For the build you have on her right now, flashing blade feels kinda wasted since RS goes to 1 cooldown after she hits the brashperation range by wrath. You can instead maybe switch out wrath for spiral and flashing for another PP seal so you have infinite ruptured skys.

With the amount of skills you have (and could get) its really easy to make a fun build. Experiment!

Also where are the dragonflowers extra stats are always apprecitiated

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Pretty beast.

She isn’t so bad to invest on, but mostly assuming you already have her merged up a bit and plan to finish her. Her refine is really good, and allows her to stack on 3 B slots, which is crazy.

Having one unmerged Lyn nowadays is extremely hard.


Lyn success is in her weapon. I suggest this build. Wrath is more optimal than spurn. With Time pusle you are at 1 CD and when you are low hp. You will always be ready to ruptured sky. Brazen atk/spd for more dps.
If you have the RNG, get +atk boon, Lyn didn’t need def or res because your goal is to double and kill. Spurn is more like a defense B skill and lost 8 hp every battle will be a waste of it.

I have her +Def because she was using Bonfire, obviously the seal needs to be changed (I was using Dragon Fang before I inherited that.)

I am building mah boi Ross, that is why no DFs so far. I have very few fodders for specials (gonna give him Glimmer or Aether, it depends.


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