Lyon and baby Lyon build

Hello people
I have come with some build brainstorms
And boy do I’m happy
I obtained a Bebe Lyon copy and I decided that I know what to do with them

And yeah I’m saying them because I’m building vainilla Lyon too, the bad thing is that he won’t get merges because I feathered them back when I gave a fucc about Sacred Stones characters, it’s probably the only thing I regret doing in FEH
In exchange for the merges, I decided to give him premium builds so he gets up with the powercreep, the Caineghis manual is coming, so I’m doing him a ranged tank like his fallen version, the only thing missing is his B, which I don’t have that fodder, but due to his refine being quick riposte + lull atk res I don’t know what B is good for him, so imagine he doesn’t have a B skill
Bebe is kinda a ranged tank too but more focused on res??? Yea
What ya think about these builds, get in mind I’m doing these after searching the food and finishing Lon’qu and Winter Félix’s merges


Seems pretty solid, though a Tier 4 Stance on both would be better if you have the fodder imo

And Young Lyon might want a Lull or Null C Disrupt in his B-skill and QR as a seal but other than that the builds are already pretty good and should work :slight_smile:


You could look into Deflect Missile for regular Lyon to help him handle Lynjas and Brave Bows


I don’t really trust those B skills but that sounds nice


Deflect missile is a sacred seal so you don’t have to worry about that :feh_faedance:

You can still run whatever b skill you like :feh_flaynyay:


Smol Lyon has insane defense and res, so a close counter build is also completely viable.

Something like this.
With the tome and the lull he has 51 def/res